Motivation Anyone?

I am seriously lacking in motivation today.  I have done some things that needed doing and I had put off.  But there was a lot of cleaning on my “To Do List” today that didn’t get done.  I’m sure I’ll do some of it tomorrow.  If I feel like it.  I think part of this lack of motivation has to do with “that time of the month.”  Yes, I said it.  Men, close this out now if you are squeamish.

I went off the pill several cycles ago to see how I would do thyroid-wise without all the extra estrogen in my system.  So far, so good.  I have definitely noticed a huge difference since stopping the pill.   This video will explain better just how the extra estrogen interferes with the thyroid function.

My only problem with it is the reverting back to the painful periods that I had pre-pill.  By painful I mean doubled over, nauseous, sweating, can’t focus pain.  When I discovered that this was one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism it lead me to think that I’ve had hypothyroidism since my teens.  It very well could be.  But, this is also a symptom of having a tilted uterus.  So, no real telling what it’s from until I have kids.  There is a procedure to straighten the uterus, but it will also self-correct during pregnancy.  That means I have however long it takes to have the first one and get my period back to find out for sure.  Oh the misery in the meantime.

Along with the pain comes the lack of motivation to do anything, which usually starts a few days before my period.  Fun times.  Right now I have a basket full of laundry piled high of towels and bedding to be folded just staring at me; dishes in the sink to wash calling to me; a carpet screaming to be vacuumed; counters begging to be cleaned; windows crying because they can’t remember the last time they were bathed.  And here I sit blogging about my lack of desire to attend.  Heck, I nearly didn’t blog today.  That’s how much I’m not motivated.

I could say I’ll do it next Monday.  But, I’ll be gone all day working our conference.  I’ll be home long enough to shower and sleep before I’m right back there Tuesday morning.  I’m dreading it now, but I know once I see everyone registering and seeing people I haven’t seen since last year’s conference, I’ll be right in my element.

If you happen to find my motivation today, please return it to me.  I’m missing it terribly.

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