A Beautiful Day Full of Food

It’s a beautiful day today and I spent an hour meandering around the neighborhood taking pictures.  It was too nice, not to.   I also spent some time outside reading…until the dryer went off and called me back to reality.  At least I got some good natural Vitamin D before my reality check.   I did get to IM with Silly Sissy this morning for a little bit before all that.  I got excited about Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. Yes, it’s the little things lately that get me excited.  I’m just excited to know that other people are learning what I’ve learned and are making changes to become healthier.

This morning I spent a little time rooting around after I found this article.  The writer struggle for years to do what her doctor tried to get her to do, give up sugar and flour.  She says, “When I eat flour or sugar, my body starts to crave more and more. In fact, no amount of flour and sugar was ever enough. This is why I failed at every diet I’ve ever tried. I couldn’t eat flour or sugar without having cravings, which always resulted in too much food. The only option was to let go of the flour and sugar and find another way to eat.”  This is what sugar and refined flours do.  You want more and more the  more you eat.  I know if I didn’t read the ingredients of something and I find myself craving it, that it has something I shouldn’t have.  More often than not, sugar.  This was the case when I used almond milk for my green smoothie.  I found myself at work one day absolutely craving it.  I’m talking about the close to getting in my car and going home to make one craving.

From that article, I found this Simply Sugar-free and Gluten-free website full of recipes.  Word of warning.  They aren’t all sugar-free.  I did sign up for the emails, though.  I can’t forget this, though.  Mom (not my real mom) sent me this earlier this week from the Taste of Home website.  Gluten-free recipes galore.

My husband got home about an hour ago and has been flipping through channels.  The Grill Sergeant was on and making some really good-looking lettuce wraps and short ribs.  Then he switched to Dr. Oz.  Neither of us had ever seen his show.  He got a little bored with it, but wound up going back to it.  In the end, we were both pretty impressed with him.  After that, he found a show called The Drs.  Talk show with a panel of doctors and some woman they call The Hungry Lady.  Neither of us were impressed with the show or the Hungry Lady.  She went into a store with a woman and was all about reading only the numbers part of the labels with the woman.  With her it was about low-fat and low-calorie.  Both of us were griping.  We need fat.  We need calories.  We need carbs.  Then she pulls out cereal and I’m screaming, “Can you say refined flour?”  Hubby says, “I can, but I won’t.”

Okay, last thing and only because Stick just posted this.  This article is about the different types of eggs.  I found it highly interesting since I was buying chicken and eggs today at Whole Foods and I noticed the chicken I picked up said, “barn roaming.”  Barn roaming?  Oh hell no!  I put it back and grabbed the one that said free-range.

Free-range.  That’s where it’s at, peeps.  Oooh…peeps….   *smacks myself out of it*