Inflammation, If You Please.

Yes, you guessed it, my shins are still hurting.  I can feel it all the time.  Sitting. Standing. Driving.  I’m ready for them to stop hurting already.  I was sitting here, cross-legged, not too long ago and had my left hand on one of my shins.  I suddenly became aware of narrow strips of heat emanating down each side of the shin.  WOAH!  I immediately checked the other shin and discovered the same type of heat in the same place.

That’s what we call inflammation, folks.

I went straight for the ice.

I know I have inflammation from the heat coming from an injured area, even if there is no pain.  So, this was my signal to remember what I’m dealing with and what I need to do to treat it other than just rest them.

I know I keep talking about ice and you might be wondering what else I’m doing to help the inflammation.  Nothing.  Nothing, but ice and rest, that is.  Why?  Because I’m limiting my use of ibuprofen to extreme cases.  I’ve taken lots of ibuprofen in my day, especially for migraines, which I rarely have anymore.  I may take some later today, but it will depend on how bad my shins feel.  I will definitely use some of my Da Balm on them before I go to bed.  Many of the essential oils I use in it have anti-inflammatory properties.  I’m a big fan of aromatherapy and have been benefiting from it for years.  My interest in aromatherapy has led me to making my own cosmetics as far as skin care and soap making.

If it seems crazy to you that I wouldn’t do more than I am now, maybe it is.  However, the pain and discomfort I feel lets me know that my shins are not healed.  If I were to take medications that masked the pain, then I might feel inclined to think that my shins are healed and go right back into the intervals and potentially damage them further.  I have a fairly high pain threshold, which helps.  A lot of us are quick to take something to get rid of the pain and forget our body is still healing.  I admit, I’ve been there and done that and the results suck.  Just think about it the next time you are wanting to take something that will just mask the pain.  Do you really need it?  Can you live with the feeling until you are healed?  Or is the pain really interfering with your ability to function?  That’s where my decision lies.  If I can still function and do the majority of my daily tasks, then I’m fine.  When I can’t do those tasks is where I decide that it’s time to take something.

I need to ice my shins again, but I leave you with this.  A whole foods diet is naturally anti-inflammatory, so just think about how much pain I’d be in if I were eating  processed and refined foods.  Some of my favorite foods with anti-inflammatory properties are green tea and raw local honey.  Not together though.  I take my tea unsweetened.  Cheers!