The Food Revolution Begins With YOU!

Last night marked the end of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution show.  I was so sad at the end that I nearly cried.  But he was right in his personal message at the end, it’s not the end, it’s the beginning and it’s up to us.  I was happy to see that Alice had really come around when he went back and that she was truly genuine in her support of him.  He was right in the beginning that if she were on his side, she’d be a force for change and I think she will be.  It was great to see that with the changes a lot of people had made, they were losing weight and getting healthier.

I was pretty disturbed by the flavored milks back in rotation again and that massive backlog of processed foods the school system has.  I don’t trust Rhonda at all, she’s always seemed sketchy to me and talking out of both sides of her mouth.  I mean, why would you order more for the next year when you know it goes against the changes being made and that you can’t get rid of the crap you already have?  Absolute craziness.  Thankfully, there were a lot of supporters of the change appalled at the decision to start Processed Food Fridays.  Jamie said it well, would you tell an alcoholic to have a drink on Fridays?  That’s just opening up the doors to undo everything he did.

Then I was disturbed by the bag lunches he was showing.  That one girl with two different types of chips and jelly beans.  Really?  Chips and jelly beans.  It reminded me of watching my brother and sisters packing their lunches for school one morning I was visiting from college.  You’ll love this: Pepsi, brownies, and Rice Krispie Treats.  No joke.  That’s what each of them had in their bags.   So, is it the parents fixing those lunches or the kids?  The younger kids, most likely the parents.  However, my youngest sister was in 3rd grade and I know from experience that she had probably been packing her own lunch for awhile.

I thought it was pretty interesting that I had an email from the Kokua Foundation this morning with a new eco tip of things to do in school and I’ll share it with you.

3 Simple Things You Can Do AT SCHOOL:

  1. Pack a smart lunch.
    • Use re-useable containers, utensils, and cloth napkins to pack a waste-free lunch of yummy local and/or organic products.
    • Whole fruits come in their own “wrapper” and are healthier than processed snacks!
    • Visit or for more ideas.
  2. Take the walking school bus.
    • If you live close to your school, start a walking school bus with a group of classmates and parents. Make a route, pick up everyone on the way to school, and then drop them all off afterwards. It makes traveling to and from school more fun – plus, it’s good exercise and good for the planet!
    • Visit for more ideas.
  3. Rethink your school supplies.
    • Purchase earth-friendly school supplies like recycled paper, refillable pens and pencils, and durable supplies that will last for several years.
    • Check out and to buy online, or ask your local retailer to identify their recycled goods.
    • Before buying new, check out which supplies from last year are still usable.

If you want to see change I’m sharing this again.  Sign Jamie’s petition and share it with others.

On another food note before I end this post, check out this article of Dr. Mercola’s on the link between cancer and cosmetics, rBGH milk, and meat.  Prevention needs to be a hallmark of healthcare.  Avoiding educating the public on preventative measures does everyone a disservice while lining pockets.

Maybe I just need to quit my job and go to Washington to be a full-time lobbyist!