Nap Time

I just crawled out of bed 25 minutes ago after taking a nap for nearly an hour.  I’m still blinking hard to focus and see.  Still trying to make sense of what I’m reading.  It’s 6:15pm.  Good times.  I certainly didn’t mean to nap that long and I really didn’t plan on napping today.  In fact, I tend to avoid naps to prevent this very state I’m in right now.  But, my body was screaming at me  to lie down and sleep while I was sitting on the sofa reading.  It wasn’t the, “Oh you’re tired.  Why don’t you lie down?”  It was more like, “If you don’t lie down right now, I’m making you fall asleep where you sit.”  That’s the kind of screaming my body did over a year ago when I was still struggling with hypothyroidism.  When my body screams, I listen.  If I don’t, I pay the price.

I don’t even know for sure why my body just decided that I needed a nap right there and then.  I was feeling fine when I got home from work.  I indulged in some soap opera watching while having lunch.  I had gotten busy trying to finish something up at work before leaving and forgot about lunch.  Good news though.  I was craving a burger again and I beat it.

It could be that it’s that time of the month and today has turned out to be “the heavy day.”  Every month I have a heavy day.  Sometimes it sucks the energy out of me and sometimes it doesn’t.  Good news again.  While I was still feeling the edges of full-blown cramps trying to bombard me this morning while getting ready for work, it disappeared.  I want to say it’s the gluten that has helped with this.  But I can’t be sure.  Someone reminded me about progesterone and I started using my progesterone cream again last month, so it could be either or even both.

While I was trying to wake myself up before attempting to write, I found this action alert on Facebook.  I’d try to explain it here more, but not sure I can do it justice.  Suffice it to say that it moved me enough and I contacted my Kentucky Senators.  I urge you to do the same for your state.  I followed the link for the government website and used the contact forms on there by simply copying and pasting what was in the alert.  I copied most of the quoted suggestion for what to say if you call and the talking points.  May as well be thorough.  It seems silly, but I’ve learned a lot about bills and the process simply from being involved in advocacy work in my job.  Within our state, our Speaker of the House will poll everyone on the bills they are discussing and asks to see hands from those that are hearing from their constituents.  We have the power.  We just need to use it.  Pick up that phone and call or get on the website and contact them!

I posted two other articles on Facebook today that I wanted to share, but I’m still angry about them.  Instead I’ll just stay, stop trying to cut calories to be below starvation level – 1,800 per day for women and 2,400 for men – and we need healthy fats in our diet and the American Heart Association needs to get its head out of its ass and start learning was so many of us already know about fat, rather than continuing to push low-fat diets that end up killing people.

And now, I’m off to try to get out of this after nap fog.