Allergy-Free Eating in Manassas

Torched Cherry Mojito

Torched Cherry Mojito

I left Jerm and DD’s house the same time they left for work. I drove to Manassas for my last stop of my vacation to see my friend CG. I intended to drive around and kill a lot of time until she got off work even though her husband, Steeler, was home on vacation working on projects around the house.

My first stop after exiting the freeway was Target. It was RIGHT there. And there were a few things I needed. Mostly a razor because my razor head broke two days before. I also knew I could kill a lot of time in Target. I picked up what I needed, found a lot of washi tape for art journaling, and realized I forgot The Fall of Five by PIttacus Lore (any other I Am Number Four fans?) was released two days before.

My stomach was growling so I checked the “Find Me Gluten-Free” app to find a good restaurant for lunch. Three restaurants down, Cheeseburger In Paradise.


We don’t have one in Cincinnati. If you look at their locations, they are not widespread like most chains. Which is a damn shame because they get gluten-free and allergy-free. Their fryers for the fries are dedicated. The only time I get to go to one is if we are out of town where there is one.

Burger and fries at Cheeseburger in Paradise

Burger and fries at Cheeseburger in Paradise

I went all out. I was tolerating cheese before vacation so it was a bacon burger. They offered a gluten-free bun and while I shouldn’t have because of the egg, I did anyway (and no reaction!). I even posted a picture of it on social media. My phone blew up as soon as I did. Tweets and texts. It was a hearty mess of deliciousness and I savored every last bite.

CG texted me while I was eating to let me know I could go to the house when I was ready and that she and Steeler would be going to lunch soon. I was paying my check so I hightailed it out and over to their house. I went with Steeler to pick her up for lunch to surprise her and sat with them in Qdoba while they ate. I went back home with Steeler and did some reading until we left to meet CG and a co-worker of hers I know (and hadn’t seen in years) for drinks.

I ordered a Prosecco when I saw it on the wine menu. Manassas 4

Then I noticed they have Angry Orchard hard cider. That was next. Manassas 5

Then I remembered when CG and I get together we drink. I was immensely grateful for the allergy treatments that allowed yeast back into my diet.

I fixed dinner for us that night but the next morning I went out to breakfast at Potomac Mills. I decided to see The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (again) at the theater there, then walk around the mall and I had more than enough time for breakfast by the time I got there. I used the Find-Me Gluten-Free app and settled on Silver Diner. A local chain with farm-to-table practices. Manassas 8

Their menu has gluten-free options marked, as well as vegetarian, vegan. The options aren’t huge, but with their menu it was a good thing because I never would have been able to decide. I chose the Coconut Quinoa Pancakes without bananas and since I did okay with eggs baked into a bun the day before, I decided to test eggs.

Coconut Quinoa Pancakes at Silver Diner

Coconut Quinoa Pancakes at Silver Diner

The pancakes were delicious and I had no reaction to the eggs. I did a little happy dance because I knew tolerating cheese and eggs meant my body is healing. I loved the diner feeling of the Silver Diner without being too kitschy. Plus, each table has a mini-jukebox with all the selections and the music plays overhead and through the jukebox. No leaving your table to choose your song or your child wandering around to get to and from the jukebox. Manassas 7

I enjoyed the movie (again). If you haven’t read the Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare and enjoy books in the teen fantasy/paranormal genre, read them! They’ve become my favorites since picking them up and I love the casting of the movie so much I was able to forgive all the changes they made in the movie. Okay, all but two. But that’s just me and what I thought was important to the story. I spent several hours in Potomac Mills and bought a few things for me and a t-shirt Chaz seems to love because he keeps wearing it.

I knew I still had a couple of hours before CG would be done at work so I decided to find a Starbucks to use their wifi and do some writing. Turns out I found a Starbucks without wifi and since I was already settled I tried to grab wifi from the Chick-fil-A next door. It worked in about one minute increments. I did what I needed to do and anything else I couldn’t do with the shaky wifi could wait. I focused more on editing and writing.

Of course I lost track of time and I hurried home to find CG home from work and Steeler already gone to his fantasy football meeting. CG and I decided to go out to dinner. I opened up the Find Me Gluten-Free app again and started looking at the nearby restaurants. We settled on Glory Days Grill because they use a dedicated fryer for their gluten-free wings and fries and CG decided she wanted wings.

When we got there and I started asking my million questions it turned out they use a mix of vegetable oil and soybean oil for their gluten-free fryer. Soybean oil for the fryer. I really don’t get the widespread use of soybean oil in restaurants. I really cuts a lot of options for me. I went with a cheeseburger and red potatoes. I really wanted fries, but the potatoes were a good substitute. And guess what? They serve Angry Orchard hard cider!

Cheeseburger & red potatoes at Glory Days Grill

Cheeseburger & red potatoes at Glory Days Grill

I definitely ate out more than I planned to while in Manassas, but I was able to do so safely, I mentioned the FInd Me Gluten-Free app. It is a lifesaver for me if we happen to be out and we need to eat. I’ve tried several other apps that didn’t give me the information I wanted. I started using this one months ago and it has not failed me. I even used it to start researching places in Vegas for our trip in December.




  1. Now I want to go to Cheeseburger in Paradise! We have one in “FredVegas,” but we’ve never tried it out. Getting French fries out is a treat, not to mention a gf bun. I wonder which brand they use. Your other food and drink looks great, too. 🙂 So glad you got to push the envelope a bit while you were traveling and all worked out, Debi!


    • I really wish we had one in town! The only place I can get fries (for now) is Chick-Fil-A, but I’ve been avoiding them because they use a lot of soy in their other stuff. I think it was a French Meadow Bakery bun that the one I went to used. It definitely wasn’t Udi’s or Rudi’s. Since we rarely eat out, I always forget how much fun it can be. 😀

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