The POG-tail

The POG-tail

One of the things my family members from Hawai`i, transplanted here on the Mainland, and I have in common is missing the local juices from home.  Guava, Lilikoi (passion fruit), Mango, Strawberry Guava, Orange Passion, to name a few.  The most famous is POG.  Passion-Orange-Guava.  One of my younger cousins up in Connecticut missed it so much she made her own blend after returning from a trip.  The pics of her stirring the juice in the pitcher were too cute.  And I had to admire her creativity.

When you are without something you love, you do what you can to recreate it.  Several weeks ago, I was staring at orange juice in my fridge.  Wondering what to do with it.  I rarely ever buy juice.  But I had it for making a BBQ sauce I got from a magazine.

I found myself wishing I had guava and lilikoi juices to mix with it.

But wait!  I have an assortment of flavored rums.  YES!

I decided this would be a POG that my aunties and uncles across the Mainland would love.  And an easy cocktail for anyone to make.  I love making some complicated cocktails, but sometimes, you just need something easy.  Pour. Pour. Pour.  Done.  DRINK!

So Aunties, Uncles…this one’s for you!  Mabuhay!

The POG-tail

8-14 ounces chilled orange juice – store bought or fresh squeezed (depending on how strong you want it)

1 shot passion fruit rum

1 shot guava rum

Pour the rums into a highball or hurricane glass.  Fill remainder of the glass with orange juice.   Stir and serve!


  1. I’m so there on this one! BTW, POG first made me think of those little cardboard discs the kids collected years ago. Son had a collection. I do love getting these amazing fruits and their flavors when in the islands. More and more I’m seeing the juices in the stores, too. I didn’t even know they existed in rums though, but I haven’t looked in a while. I will now … thanks, Debi!


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