The POG-tail

The POG-tail

One of the things my family members from Hawai`i, transplanted here on the Mainland, and I have in common is missing the local juices from home.  Guava, Lilikoi (passion fruit), Mango, Strawberry Guava, Orange Passion, to name a few.  The most famous is POG.  Passion-Orange-Guava.  One of my younger cousins up in Connecticut missed it so much she made her own blend after returning from a trip.  The pics of her stirring the juice in the pitcher were too cute.  And I had to admire her creativity.

When you are without something you love, you do what you can to recreate it.  Several weeks ago, I was staring at orange juice in my fridge.  Wondering what to do with it.  I rarely ever buy juice.  But I had it for making a BBQ sauce I got from a magazine.

I found myself wishing I had guava and lilikoi juices to mix with it.

But wait!  I have an assortment of flavored rums.  YES!

I decided this would be a POG that my aunties and uncles across the Mainland would love.  And an easy cocktail for anyone to make.  I love making some complicated cocktails, but sometimes, you just need something easy.  Pour. Pour. Pour.  Done.  DRINK!

So Aunties, Uncles…this one’s for you!  Mabuhay!

The POG-tail

8-14 ounces chilled orange juice – store bought or fresh squeezed (depending on how strong you want it)

1 shot passion fruit rum

1 shot guava rum

Pour the rums into a highball or hurricane glass.  Fill remainder of the glass with orange juice.   Stir and serve!