Gluten-Free In Los Angeles (Burbank): Bea Bea’s Cafe

beabeas-1Chaz found another restaurant with a dedicated gluten-free waffle iron. Yes, you read that right. I was excited for gluten-free waffles even though the walk was longer than we realized it would be. Bea Bea’s was pretty crowded when we arrived (it was mid-morning) and I found out pretty quick when I verified that the gf waffle iron is dedicated that it was also broken. Bummer. They still took good care of me and I and ordered the Happy Mornings.

This was what I found exceptional at Bea Bea’s, the side offerings. Usually, when you order a breakfast it comes with toast/biscuit/pancake or some type of potatoes. Some places will offer fruit as well. Not only does Bea Bea’s offer those they offer tomato slices and cottage cheese (not together). Sometimes I want colorful vegetables with my breakfast, not fruit, and I don’t want to have to order an omelet to get them.

While breakfast wasn’t quite what I expected (waffles) I was still able to find something I like as much (corned beef).


Content that he has a comfy lap but he has “his ears on.”

Since I shared many pictures of Obi-Wan and Mara Jade in the previous posts, I thought I’d give this guy his own space because he hasn’t been the center of attention in over ten years. Manny is a spirited chihuahua who mostly has a worried expression on his face when he’s awake. He barks at anything moving or making noise outside (someone has to fight Communism, yo). He kicks it up a notice when it’s someone coming to the door. He is the Sentinel of the pack but he’ll steal the kids’ food without remorse if they leave it within reach.


He loves to burrow in blankets and sleep in his sunny spot in the living room. He will dance for a treat and follow you around if you have food in your hand. His trembles when he’s excited in any way. He’s always looking for the next open lap to climb on so he can lick your face, beg for belly rubs, and take a little nap.

He’s one of my favorite dogs.


One of the things we like to do in L.A. is to go to Universal City Walk (Dawn lives two blocks away). We walk around, check out the shops, eat at one of the restaurants, and go to AMC for a movie. This trip we saw Crimson Peak. One of the fun things about this AMC is sometimes there are big displays outside. The display this time around happened to be a little walkthrough for Crimson Peak. It had display cases inside with various props from the movie, including this wall hanging. The walkthrough was set up like one of the hallways from Allerdale Hall, so while it was cool walking through before the movie, it was even cooler after the movie. I liked the movie so much that I created a character who likes gothic horror in my last book.


And a trip to L.A. wouldn’t be complete without enjoying sunsets from my favorite place in L.A.


Gluten-Free In Los Angeles: Spitz

SpitzI wish I had a great story to go along with this last post from our trip to L.A., but I don’t. I’m usually somber my last night in L.A. because I know the next morning I’m leaving my best friend. It may just be for a short time, but it’s leaving all the same.

Our last dinner in Los Angeles was another takeout dinner. Dawn called in an order from Spitz, a restaurant around the corner specializing in Mediterranean street food. Dawn suggested it to us several times for lunch, but we never went. They do not have a gluten-free menu, but tell you how to order something if you need it to be gluten-free.

There is a lack of good Mediterranean food in our area of Cincinnati. The places that are stellar have difficulty understanding my food needs. Then there are the places that say they get it but don’t. Thus, we pretty much steer clear for the most part.

I chose the beef and lamb Garden Bowl without the crispy garbanzos (they are fried in a shared fryer). It was good, and even though I was still full from lunch, I stuffed my face. Yep, people with food allergies and intolerances can still be foodies and enjoy good food.

Gluten-Free In Los Angeles: Sun Cafe

Sun CafeChaz and I ran off to Sun Café for lunch the day Dawn and her Old Man brought Mara Jade home. We tried to go to Sun Café on two previous visits. First time was a group outing and they were closed. Second time, Chaz overshot it and didn’t feel like circling around.

The staff are knowledgeable about gluten-free issues. It was sad our server felt she had to ask if it was medically related, but it’s Los Angeles, land of fad diets galore and near many studios. They do not have a separate gluten-free menu, but your server can tell you what is gluten-free and what can be made gluten-free with some modifications.Sun Cafe 3

The only problem I was I wanted almost everything on the menu. Not only that, everything on the menu is vegan and many items are raw or can be raw. I settled for the Sun Nachos with jicama chips and a Lemon Ginger Blast. The nachos excited me. I can’t have corn so the lack of tortillas with Mexican food is saddening. Then, Sun Café reminded me that jicama is a perfect swap for tortillas, as my friend Diane taught me. It was my first time eating nachos in a restaurant in a long time. They were delicious and I devoured them. The Lemon Ginger Blast juice was tasty and I forced myself to not drink it down in one go. Because ginger.Sun Cafe 2

Chaz pointed out two celebrities in the restaurant because I was paying more attention to the menu than my surroundings. Cedric the Entertainer was seated at a booth in our section. I got a ninja shot with my phone. He was cordial and smiling at everyone in the section when he left; saying goodbye and wishing us all a good day when he left as if we were chatting it up beforehand. I call that a class act.Sun Cafe 5

Mila Kunis was talking to some people off to the side behind us. I watched her leave the bathroom before Chaz pointed her out and was thinking how cute her strapless maternity dress was without really paying attention to her face. No ninja shot of her though. That’s okay. I’m just impressed Chaz saw them first.Sun Cafe 4

Dessert is ON the table at Sun Café with cupcakes and cheesecakes. They are all gluten-free and your server will give you the run down because they don’t have their desserts on the menu. I took a mint chocolate cupcake to go. When I ate it later that night I wasn’t exactly impressed. I’ve had better, but it was still a cupcake I got to have from a restaurant. I didn’t complain because it wasn’t cardboard.Sun Cafe 7

We went back a few days later and I got PIZZA! Vegan, gluten-free pizza with cashew cheese that was glorious and I was wondering WHY I never thought to use cashew cheese on pizza while I was dairy-free. This started a conversation about making pizza with cashew cheese at the yearly gluten-free retreat with Valerie of City|Life|Eats on Instagram. We never did make that pizza, but we sure did eat a lot of cashew cream that weekend.Sun Cafe 6

I ordered a Green Protein Smoothie with my lunch and my server asked me if I was sure I wanted it…”…because it’s really green.” It seems people order it and don’t expect the green-ness of it because of the spirulina. It didn’t feel as green as she led me to believe it would be. Then again, I’m used to making my own green smoothies.Sun Cafe 8

This time I ordered the mint chocolate cheesecake to go. Chaz took me to see Guardians of the Galaxy after lunch and that sucker sat in my purse the entire time. If I had a fork (or anything else I could’ve used as an eating utensil), I would’ve eaten it during the movie. In the end, it was much better than the cupcake.

I wanted to go one more time before we left L.A., but Chaz was done. He ate the same thing both times: Portobello Sandwich.