Earth Day 2014

The new view from our patio.

The new view from our patio.

I always like to do an Earth Day post every year to share what I’ve changed in the last year and what new thing I want to adopt in the coming year. This year is different because there is a big impact on my immediate living area that I shared on Chocolate Wasteland a few weeks back. (read it and come back)

Construction 2While we can do so many things to reduce our waste and carbon footprints, the continued industrial and residential growth is a reminder of something bigger that we cannot control on our own. I still have no idea what will be built in that area behind us, but it stretches up the length of our apartment complex. It’s not just one small area. It’s acres of land that is being leveled. Acres of land that once contained nothing but trees.

Construction 3

I know change is necessary, but I have a deep well of sadness for all the trees lost in my own “backyard”.