Our God Is An Awesome God

You know how you have a plan and it get’s derailed by something that comes up?  I went into work today, which is normally my day off, to get things done that I needed more time with because I’ll be in meetings all day Wednesday and a meeting tomorrow.  Plus, I wasn’t sure if my boss needed me to go with her to teach a class in Edmonton on Thursday.  First on my list was work on revamping an evaluation for our How To Quit Smoking class. In the midst of this, my boss comes in to tell me she needs to talk to me now.  That sent of warning bells.

We have hit a snafu and my boss is now looking to retire sooner because of budget issues.  As she said, there is no sense in her staying on and cutting jobs when she was already planning to leave.  I’d give more details, but I have no idea if anyone involved will be reading this.  This sent my train off track and I immediately started to pray while I was in my boss’ office.  I knew if I didn’t take it to Him and let him take care of it, I would ruminate over it needlessly.  I then went into Facebook and to a ministry page that I’m a member of and put out a prayer request.

Still keeping a prayer in the back of my mind, I went back to work.  However, my mind couldn’t focus on the evaluation and I moved to work on our workshop and conference surveys from last week.  This helped me focus more.

My iPod brought me a worship song in the midst of my focus.  Michael W. Smith’s The River Is Rising.  I have to say this about Smitty, he is a rockin’ songwriter and his concerts are like one big worship service.  I was carried away by the rising river and I had to go find the video on YouTube, which happened to be a live version.  I was able to close my eyes and envision myself  praising and worshiping with him.  It was the right message at the right time for me.  I then went on to pull up some of his other videos that were filmed at the same performance: Grace and Help Is On The Way.  More of the right messages at the right time for me.  I was able to continue working until I left without worry and leave those concerns behind in the office and no bring them home with me.

Everything else is staying on track now.  I did my errands, had lunch, dusted, started more laundry, and now blogging.  I planned on doing interval training before I blogged, but I could still feel my lunch digesting, so I decided to switch the two.  Nothing wrong with that.  I’m just sitting here listening to more Smitty while typing this up.

I have some links to share with you before I end this.  This first one is about how to start liking fruits and vegetables in your 30s.  You might think the topic is funny, but I have quite a few friends who do not care for fruits or vegetables at all or minimally.  Not to mention I had to figure out how to like certain vegetables I never liked at all.  In fact, yesterday when we were eating lunch, my husband asked why I was liking mushrooms since I used to make such a big deal about not liking them before.  I told him, I knew when I went to a whole foods diet, I was going to need to have a wide variety of vegetables and I could either learn to like them or limit my variety.  I chose to try to like them.  I did exactly what the nutritionist suggests, I hid them with a mix of other vegetables.  Plus, I fixed them in a way that I knew I was more likely to accept them.  Now I eat them several times a week.  Same thing for beets.  I’m still working on peas.  I can handle them raw and in pea soup, but that’s about the only ways I can eat them.

Did you hear that we are winning the war against HFCS? Dr. Mercola posted this the other day and I was thrilled to hear that Pepsico is taking a step in the right direction.  Remember HFCS is worse for you than refined sugar and that it is used in many of the foods and drinks  we consume.  Read those labels!

Lastly, if you haven’t signed Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution petition, do it!  I’d love to see more states on the map in red.  As of this writing more than 371,000 have signed in the United States.  This is a way to have your voice heard!  Pass it around and get more people to sign it.

I’m off to do my interval training and to praise him while I’m out there.  He is such an awesome God.