Down With The Sickness

Ginger Root

It started last week Wednesday while I was at work.  That tickle in the back of my throat.  Then, the sudden migraine.  Not normal.  Usually migraines build up when I get them, not hit me suddenly with such force that I feel like someone is ripping into my head.  I took it easy when I got home and I was feeling somewhat better by the time I went to bed.

The next day was a different story.  The cloud entered my head.  The pre-feverish delirium descended.  The coughing fits took over.   I somehow managed to make it through the night at work.  I’m pretty sure I was a lunatic by the end of the night because things my co-workers were saying weren’t really processing and my responses didn’t make sense even to me.  The only thing that rang through was the call through the walkie, “Let’s go home.”  Thank God!

I spent my Friday off doing nothing but watching action movies and sleeping while laid out on the sofa.  The sad part of all that is texting Chaz to tell him that going out for sushi wouldn’t be a good idea for me that night after feeling the feverishness settle in.  I was looking forward to sushi, but there was no way I felt up to going out.


Ginger Water


Chaz was planning on going Louisville to his sister’s reception on Saturday and then see his grandfather.  He asked if I was going to call in to work the next day.  I said it would depend on how I feel.  He then asked if I wanted to go with him if I called in.  I imagine I gave him quite the incredulous look.  I said plainly, “If I don’t feel good enough to go to work, I won’t feel good enough to go anywhere.”

Sure enough, I called in to work when I woke up Saturday.  My throat was on fire from all the coughing I was doing and I was losing my voice.  I still felt the feverishness going on.  My nose wouldn’t stop running and sinus pressure hit.  That’s when I knew I wasn’t dealing with a cold or flu.  Sinus pressure always indicates sinus infection for me.  I also lost my sense of taste and smell.

Chaz went off to Louisville around 1pm and I was feeling hungry.  I made myself some egg drop soup.  That’s one of the things I crave when sick.  I’m not sure why, but I really want egg drop soup.  Could be the connection to chicken noodle soup.  I spent the rest of the day falling asleep while watching movies.   I awoke later that night craving a 3 Way Potato from Skyline Chili.  I’m not sure why since I couldn’t taste or smell.  I was pretty hungry, so I dragged my sick, sorry ass out to the nearest Skyline, which happens to be a block away.  I get there and order.  They are out of potatoes.  I could have ordered a Coney Bowl or even just a bowl of chili.  No, I had to have the potato.


"Ginger Tea" - Green Tea made with boiled Ginger Water and raw local honey. My go to because of the anti-inflammatory properties of all the ingredients.


Thankfully, Chaz called and was about half an hour from home.  I told him I was trying to figure out dinner.  “Do you want me to pick something up?”  “Only if you don’t go to the Skyline by us.”  Chaz brought me a 3 Way Potato.  I love my man.

The next day was more sleeping, movies, and sofa laziness.  This time, Chaz was home all day with me.  He brought me water, made me tea, looked up gluten-free over-the-counter meds online, brought me Nyquil & Dayquil, and made homemade gluten-free chicken noodle soup.

I called in again on Monday.  I was only scheduled for 4 1/2 hours, but I was still feeling feverish.  After more sleeping, movies, and sofa laziness I felt like the fever lifted.  Only now, my right ear was blocked.  Plus, I was worrying about the infection turning respiratory.

I went to work Tuesday and made it through thanks to not having to do a lot of heavy lifting.

Wednesday was a kicker.  I had stopped to blow my nose before setting some t-shirts out on a table and while blowing, I felt and heard my right ear pop.  Then it felt and looked as if the entire world was spinning out from under me.  I remember throwing my arms out to my side, yelling something (I can’t remember what), and trying to focus on something while trying to sit on the floor before I actually keeled over from the vertigo.  Luckily, one of my co-workers was working across the aisle, heard me, and came over to check on me.  Once the spinning sensation stopped, I took a break and bought some Similisan ear drops to help unblock the ear.  It was helping within 30 minutes.

The same thing happened again when I went to bed and was blowing my nose.  I was already down in bed, so I was safe if I happened to fall.  It’s kinda hard to focus on something in the dark.  Ya know?


Egg Drop Soup that was whisked too hard and too much. It still felt good!


Yesterday, I spent most of the day in an off-kilter fog.  I wasn’t quite dizzy or light-headed.  Just off.  I probably should’ve asked to leave work early, but I toughed it out knowing I had a doctor’s appointment today.

This afternoon, I had the pleasure to meet with an integrative doctor for the first time.  The focus was whole body, mind, spirit health and not just body health.  I was having some misgivings before I got there simply because I knew I was going to be paying a lot out of pocket just for this initial visit.  I mean, what if I got there and she was a total quack?

Turns out she was rather pleasant, very easy to talk to, and smiled a lot.  What really put me at ease was when she told me some of the practitioners at the Alliance Institute for Integrative Medicine studied at Bastyr.  If you haven’t heard of Bastyr, I’d say it’s like the Johns Hopkins of Natural Medicine.  In fact, if I were living in Seattle, I’d enroll there in a heartbeat.

We spent a lot of time on my medical history, work history, emotional history.  You name it, we covered it.  When she checked my systems, my kidney, spleen, and lung systems were depleted.  I wasn’t surprised as sick as I have been.  My pelvis was torqued.  Again, not a surprise for me.  She was able to get one of the chiropractors to come in and give me an adjustment and I got a little aromatherapy, as well.  As bad as my neck was messed up, the chiropractor said he was surprised I wasn’t having migraines more often that I was.  It made him feel better when I told him about having them daily about 12 years ago.  He also did a little work on my jaw for my TMJ and my ears to help clear up the blockage.

My new integrative doctor (yes, I am definitely going back) then gave me an acupuncture session to help balance my chakras, as well as help open my sinuses and relax my jaw.  She also had a blood draw done (most painless one I ever had) to check my thyroid, vitamin deficiencies and for Celiac.  Yes, we did cover the possibility that I could have Celiac and that I’m unwilling to go through any tests in which I’d need to consume gluten.  She wants me to do more yoga.  I mean how much better can it get?  No, you don’t leave with a prescription for drugs but to do YOGA.  She also wants me to work on building my energy in my abdomen.  I have a habit of holding my chin out and up.  Maybe because I’m always looking up to talk to people.  Okay, maybe not.  But, she said working on building my energy there would help my body self-correct and I’d sit with the right posture.

All in all, I spent 3 hours there and it was worth every penny.  How often do you actually leave a doctor’s office feeling better than when you walked in?



Naturopaths ROCK!

Dr. George has become my go-to-guy for just about everything that ails me these days.  I’ve shared quite a bit in the last couple of weeks about my shins.  After the hours of standing on them Friday, all the walking on them Saturday, then the driving for two hours on Sunday, my shins were crying out for help.  I had kept up icing them when I’d feel the inflammation and I was using Da Balm on them when I knew I was going to be active.  By Monday, I wasn’t feeling the inflammation, but the pain was enough for me to worry about a stress fracture.  There was also a bumpy area on my right shin that was concerning me because I knew it wasn’t inflammation.

If I was worried about a stress fracture, why didn’t I get an x-ray?  I wanted Dr. George’s assessment before going to pay my other doctor for a visit and x-rays, then a potential referral to an orthopedist that might yield nothing for me.  I learned my lesson after all those tests and visits to specialists last year.  Dr. George found in a matter of minutes, what modern medicine couldn’t find for over 3 months.

With anything new, I have to spend a few minutes telling him how the original injury happened, what I’ve done to treat it and how it feels now.  He told me before he started, “This is going to hurt, you know.”  I responded, “I figured it would be, but how bad can it be compared to when you worked on my jaw?”  “It’s up there with that.”  Oh great.  I have a rather high pain threshold.  When he did the work on my jaw when my TMJ first developed a year and a half ago, it was quite painful, but I focused and breathed through it.  He commented that he’s had men walk out in tears after having the same work done on them.  Well, yeah, it’s PAINFUL.  I don’t blame any of the men that walked out in tears.

While he working on me, we started talking about movies, books, my body’s response to taking gluten out of my diet, and other wellness issues.  Our usual topics of conversation.  We have similar tastes in movies and books.  He’s a huge Star Wars fan and he’s the one that suggested the Twilight books to me.  I think the conversation served as a distraction as it gave me something else to focus on while he was working on my shins.  When he was done with the shins, he gave me a nice little tune-up, which I definitely needed.  Things just started popping all over the place, even in places that I had no idea were tight.  That’s one of the things I love.  I used to see my chiropractor as well, but Dr. George is all-in-one for me so I get more bang for my buck.  It was like a saw a physical therapist, general practitioner, and chiropractor today.  I really do like my chiropractor, Dr. O’Neil, but because we had to limit spending, I couldn’t see both of them.  I would recommend him to any of you in the Louisville area who need a chiropractor, but maybe aren’t ready for a naturopath.   His contact information is in the link I provided.

Before leaving, he showed me how to work my shins to help them heal.  Thankfully, I got to him before a lot of scar tissue had time to form, but that bumpy area on my leg is tendonosis that I’m going to have to work out.  Until then, I have to lay off the interval trainings, which I had been doing.  He informed me that I’ll now be  prone to develop shin splints from now on and not to overdo the running.  I told him I was planning on keeping to my mile and that is it.  No way am I going to attempt to do marathons or even 5Ks.  There was a day when I could have done a 5K, but that’s not my desire.

I linked Dr. George’s website at the start of this post.  If you are in the Louisville area and are searching for alternatives to pain medications and costly specialists, give him a call.  His full name is George Dominguez, but I call him Dr. George.  His fee is $50 for 30 minutes and $25 for each additional 15 minutes.  I’ve never been there longer than 30 minutes, but I know he’s had to go over on some clients that just had a lot going on.  I’ve also never been there less than 30 minutes, so you do get your money’s worth while you are there.  The only time I had to wait over my appointment time is when the client before me needed a little extra work.  But, there usually isn’t a lot of people in the waiting room and it’s pretty serene in there.  He shares space with other alternative/holistic practitioners.  If you give him or Dr. O’Neil a call, let them know that I sent you.  I don’t get a discount or anything, they just like to know who referred them.

Give naturopathy a shot.  I dare ya.  What do you have to lose?