Gluten-Free in Los Angeles (Toluca Lake): Paty’s Restaurant



Gluten-free BananaBerry Cakes (pancakes)

While we were in L.A. we stayed at a hotel instead of at Dawn’s because with two kids, the house is a wee bit full for a week long stay. As a result, we ate out a bit more than usual. And the hot breakfast at our hotel tasted like hope died and was replaced with despair and disappointment. Luckily, I had my purity protocol oats with me for that breakfast. There were a couple of places within walking distance that while they weren’t 100% gluten-free, they did gf right which is why I’m sharing with you. There were far too many places on the road trip (and in some other travels) where we ate breakfast where the menu said they had gf toast, gf waffles, or gf pancakes but they didn’t have a dedicated toaster or waffle iron or clean griddle. You all know the disappointment of being excited for the thing you usually never get to order in a restaurant only to find out it’s not truly gf.

Chaz found Paty’s Restaurant online. They not only have a dedicated gf griddle for gf pancakes but a dedicated gf toaster too. UNICORN!

So, yes, we went more than once. Our first time was actually for dinner. Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? I had the BananaBerry Cakes. They went a little wild with the whipped cream in the kitchen.


Next visit I had the Lox & Scallion Scramble with hash browns and gf toast! When was the last time you had gf toast at a restaurant? Those pancakes in the background were Chaz’s Bada-Bing Cakes – chocolate chips and bananas!


The last breakfast there was an omelet without cheese and hash browns. I love my potatoes and I have a hard time saying no to them.


This was the statue we passed walking to and from Paty’s. He’s kinda menacing from this angle, yeah?


There was more of Obi-Wan wanting to play with Uncle Chaz. Uncle takes chess seriously and took the time to teach Obi-Wan some strategy.


But then there was Chutes & Ladders where Obi-Wan was making up rules as they played. As one does.


Mara Jade was enthralled with the shape sorter I found at the toy store during our trek to Rodeo Drive. She had difficulty with the mechanics of it so Uncle was helpful in propping the shapes in the right hole and letting her push them in.


Big brother really loves his little sister. This is my favorite picture of the two of them. Although my favorite memory of them is a new form of the tickle game I used to play with Obi-Wan. This time I’d carry Mara Jade, chasing Obi-Wan, in an effort to tickle him. In an effort to say “tickle” like I was, Mara Jade said “tcka tcka tcka.”


It was mid-October and Dawn set up her Dia de los Muertos altar while we were there. I helped make some of those tissue paper flowers. Because we craft, yo. And I feel at peace while creating with my bestie.


Gluten-Free In Los Angeles: Breakaway Bakery



Uncle Chaz and Obi-Wan start off the arcade experience with air hockey.

Happy new year! Did you think I was done with the road trip? Not even. Life just got in the way is all. But I’m back to finish up the trip and telling you about all the great gluten-free eats we had in completely gluten-free places.

After leaving Fresno, we headed for Los Angeles. For those of you who have followed me for a while, you know going to L.A. means time with my bestie and her family. There was much galavanting about town and hanging out at the house. Obi-Wan was excited (if you can’t tell from the first picture) to play some games with Uncle Chaz.


Dawn made me this amazing travel journal for my birthday. It is my bullet journal with my tasks, calendars, and address book. When I’m at appointments and take it out to schedule my next one, everyone oohs and ahhs over the peacock. Peacocks are worthy of those reactions. I loved this so much I ordered a custom made one from her to use only for my writing stuff – if you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, or my Facebook author page you may have seen the pictures I shared of it when I got it in the mail. If you want one of your own, head over to her Etsy shop – DevilleRouge Designs – and you can request a custom order.

While Obi-Wan was in school the next day, we met up with bestie and Mara Jade in Pasadena at the Container Store. Yes, the Container Store. Who doesn’t love a good container? I gave Mara Jade a Hello Kitty we found at the mall the day before and this happened while in another store:breakaway-bakery-5She was actually loving on her and hugging her and then she stopped like she knew I was trying to get a picture of her adorableness. Still cute and I will always love this photo. breakaway-bakery-6

We hung out at Obi-Wan’s school for a little festival one afternoon. We all got shave ice and while Obi-Wan was playing a game, Mara Jade decided that Uncle Chaz’s shave ice was the only one for her. Uncle Chaz was a good sport.


This is how she rolls on Rodeo Drive.

Dawn and I ran off one morning with Mara Jade to the poshness of Beverly Hills. Granny and Auntie Carol used to take me to Rodeo Drive when I was younger when I’d visit and then once a year when we moved to Encinitas. It was a thing for the three of us that my sisters never really cared for (but they came with us one year) but once Dawn and I were besties, it became a foursome. With Granny and Auntie Carol gone, we still go in memory of them and now we get to pass the tradition on to Mara Jade. Win-win. Also, Mara Jade was not impressed.


We went to The Rise of the Jack O’Lanterns and while I usually get a selfie with Obi-Wan (which I did) I thought, let’s get Mara Jade in on the action. Too bad I still didn’t figure out that I needed to clean the front lens on my phone. Oops.


In memoriam: Wes Craven. One of my favorite directors.



In memoriam: Leonard Nimoy.

The morning after going to The Rise of the Jack O’Lanterns, Chaz and I drove down to Breakaway Bakery. Everything made in the bakery is free of gluten/wheat, dairy/casein, peanuts, tree nuts, gums, soy, and GMOs. Additionally, many items are vegan – like all the donuts.


Starting from the top left going clockwise: vegan Snickerdoodle with vanilla glaze and cinnamon sugar, vegan salted chai caramel, vegan cocoa cinnamon with chocolate glaze, and vegan chocolate chip with chocolate glaze and vanilla stripes. The donuts are cake donuts, so if that is the type you prefer, you’ll love these.


From top left going clockwise: lemon blueberry muffin, lil mint scoutie cookies, strawberry pinch cookie, and chocolate cupcake. My favorite of this bunch, the strawberry pinch cookie. There was much more to be had in the bakery and it was really hard to not buy one of everything. You can check out their menu on the website to see what I mean.

One of the things that makes Los Angeles easy to travel to is the amount of places that do gluten-free right. Sure, there are places that cater to the “fad-only” but far more often we find the places that take the time and effort to ensure minimal cross-contact in kitchen both in prep and cooking.