Gluten-Free in Los Angeles (Toluca Lake): Paty’s Restaurant



Gluten-free BananaBerry Cakes (pancakes)

While we were in L.A. we stayed at a hotel instead of at Dawn’s because with two kids, the house is a wee bit full for a week long stay. As a result, we ate out a bit more than usual. And the hot breakfast at our hotel tasted like hope died and was replaced with despair and disappointment. Luckily, I had my purity protocol oats with me for that breakfast. There were a couple of places within walking distance that while they weren’t 100% gluten-free, they did gf right which is why I’m sharing with you. There were far too many places on the road trip (and in some other travels) where we ate breakfast where the menu said they had gf toast, gf waffles, or gf pancakes but they didn’t have a dedicated toaster or waffle iron or clean griddle. You all know the disappointment of being excited for the thing you usually never get to order in a restaurant only to find out it’s not truly gf.

Chaz found Paty’s Restaurant online. They not only have a dedicated gf griddle for gf pancakes but a dedicated gf toaster too. UNICORN!

So, yes, we went more than once. Our first time was actually for dinner. Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? I had the BananaBerry Cakes. They went a little wild with the whipped cream in the kitchen.


Next visit I had the Lox & Scallion Scramble with hash browns and gf toast! When was the last time you had gf toast at a restaurant? Those pancakes in the background were Chaz’s Bada-Bing Cakes – chocolate chips and bananas!


The last breakfast there was an omelet without cheese and hash browns. I love my potatoes and I have a hard time saying no to them.


This was the statue we passed walking to and from Paty’s. He’s kinda menacing from this angle, yeah?


There was more of Obi-Wan wanting to play with Uncle Chaz. Uncle takes chess seriously and took the time to teach Obi-Wan some strategy.


But then there was Chutes & Ladders where Obi-Wan was making up rules as they played. As one does.


Mara Jade was enthralled with the shape sorter I found at the toy store during our trek to Rodeo Drive. She had difficulty with the mechanics of it so Uncle was helpful in propping the shapes in the right hole and letting her push them in.


Big brother really loves his little sister. This is my favorite picture of the two of them. Although my favorite memory of them is a new form of the tickle game I used to play with Obi-Wan. This time I’d carry Mara Jade, chasing Obi-Wan, in an effort to tickle him. In an effort to say “tickle” like I was, Mara Jade said “tcka tcka tcka.”


It was mid-October and Dawn set up her Dia de los Muertos altar while we were there. I helped make some of those tissue paper flowers. Because we craft, yo. And I feel at peace while creating with my bestie.


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