Gluten-Free In Napa: Cate & Co. Bake Shop

Cate & Co 1

The order station…yes, it’s all gluten-free.

While in the Napa area, we had to do a wine tour. It was one of the reasons for our stop there. But because we stayed in Vacaville, we had to drive in and meet the tour bus rather than be picked up at our hotel. That meant getting up earlier and finding breakfast. Luckily, Chaz scored again with a 100% gluten-free find: Cate & Co. Bake Shop in the Oxbow Public Market.

Cate & Co 2

The breakfast menu and what’s that? They ship nationwide? Customer for life!

Doughnuts people.


And here is where I have to go back on what I said about Capitol Cider on Instagram when I said they were the best doughnuts ever.

Cate & Co.’s doughnuts were sponge-y, hands down the best I’ve ever had, gluten-full or gluten-free. They weren’t overly sugary sweet either. I didn’t have that immediate sugar shock I tend to get with Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome if I have something with too much refined sugar.

Cate & Co 3

Chocolate glazed and Meyer lemon rosemary glazed doughnuts. We split them.

Cate & Co 4

Scrambled egg & Applewood smoked bacon panini.

It was so good, we stopped back after the tour to see if they had any doughnuts left and bought the last glazed doughnut before going to Kitchen Door for dinner. Yes, the doughnut was dessert. I have no regrets.

Cate & Co 5

Glazed doughnut

Later, we realized we had more day in Napa than we thought we did. So what did we do?

If you guessed we went back to Cate & Co., you win a million fictional dollars!

Cate & Co 6

Prosciutto & Manchego melt

Cate & Co 7

Apple fritter. I need more of these in my life.

One of the first things I did upon our return home was place an order for some of the breads. As much as I wanted to buy everything they had at the counter, along with their tea cakes that aren’t pictured, it wasn’t feasible with the traveling.

And then what did I do? I joined their Bread Club. And it’s not just their many types of bread you get. They have delicious tea cakes (the Meyer Lemon one is perfect with a cup of Earl Grey), cinnamon rolls, crostini, and croutons. Every month an assortment of four different goodies arrives on my doorstep and because of this, I buy less gluten-free breads at the grocery store. Also, we have sandwiches for dinner more now, which helps me out when I’m busy writing and get caught in the zone.

Cate & Co 8

My first Bread Club delivery: Cinnamon Raisin bread, White Cheddar & Black Pepper Boule, crostini, & Chocolate Peppermint tea cake.

I may have tried to convince Chaz to find clients in Napa so we could move to wine country with amazing gluten-free doughnuts in town. Wouldn’t you?



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