Gluten-Free in Portland: New Cascadia Traditional

New Cascadia 2We left Seattle and headed south for Portland, already knowing where we were going for lunch.

New Cascadia Traditional, a 100% gluten-free bakery that also serves lunch.

Our good intentions were thwarted when we arrived though. It was just after 2pm and they stop serving lunch at 2. So much for a sandwich. However, anything pre-made in their case was up for grabs.

Enter the gluten-free pizza duo. We bought a Canadian bacon and pineapple and a margherita. I was starving.New Cascadia

What excited me most about the pizza (even if I wanted a sandwich) was that the crust wasn’t flat. Look close, those are bubbles. The crust was chewy like I remember gluten-full pizza crusts being, and something you rarely get with gf pizza crusts.

I wanted to return to try more another day, but we spent so much time doing things like going to the Portland Rose Test Garden. Talk about stopping to smell the roses…and take pictures of them.

New Cascadia 3

New Cascadia 4

And if all the beautiful roses weren’t enough, the Shakespeare Rose Test Garden stole my heart. Because Shakespeare.New Cascadia 5

I did get to try one of their breads that they sell to a restaurant down the street, but that’s a blog post for another day…



  1. Bubbly gf crusts are the BEST! I’ve always been so impressed with the gf scene in Portland. My college roommate lives there and every time I visit she wows me with the gluten free goodness. I think she’s trying to tempt me to move there! And the rose gardens. OH MY! So fragrant and gorgeous!!

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