Gluten-Free In Los Angeles: Spitz

SpitzI wish I had a great story to go along with this last post from our trip to L.A., but I don’t. I’m usually somber my last night in L.A. because I know the next morning I’m leaving my best friend. It may just be for a short time, but it’s leaving all the same.

Our last dinner in Los Angeles was another takeout dinner. Dawn called in an order from Spitz, a restaurant around the corner specializing in Mediterranean street food. Dawn suggested it to us several times for lunch, but we never went. They do not have a gluten-free menu, but tell you how to order something if you need it to be gluten-free.

There is a lack of good Mediterranean food in our area of Cincinnati. The places that are stellar have difficulty understanding my food needs. Then there are the places that say they get it but don’t. Thus, we pretty much steer clear for the most part.

I chose the beef and lamb Garden Bowl without the crispy garbanzos (they are fried in a shared fryer). It was good, and even though I was still full from lunch, I stuffed my face. Yep, people with food allergies and intolerances can still be foodies and enjoy good food.


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  1. It looks like an awesome meal! Mediterranean food is usually gf friendly. I actually prefer that situation than a place with a gf menu usually because the gf menu is often prepared by someone else and the folks who serve the food don’t always understand the gf requirements. Parting from dear friends is always tough, even if you know you’ll see them again soon. You wish they lived just around the corner for sure.


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