Gluten-Free in Ventura: Brophy Bros.

Brophy BrosI didn’t tell anyone we were going to be in town since we went to L.A. to help Dawn, and babies really don’t give us a timetable until they’re ready to arrive. Once everyone was home, I announced on Facebook that I was in town. This led to my uncles giving me a hard time for not saying anything. Because uncles.

We arranged to have lunch with family, meeting up with everyone at Uncle Ed’s girlfriend’s house, where fruit, cheese, veggies, and dip waited for everyone. And mimosas. Can’t forget the mimosas. It is a must to have at least one drink when I’m with my family.

Brophy Bros 2We drove together to Ventura Harbor Village for lunch at Brophy Bros. This is one time I did not get to do research ahead of time. Sometimes I don’t have that option when I’m with family. Luckily, our server and the kitchen were amazing. I gave them my list of food allergies and they worked with me on what is and could be safe for me on their menu.

Brophy Bros 3Chaz and I started with Oysters. They were East Coast even though West Coast are better (in my opinion). But I never turn down an oyster (unless it’s coated and fried in gluten) and I never met an oyster I didn’t like.

Brophy Bros 4I chose the Shrimp & Crab Salad without dressing. The dressing had soy in it. Of course. Soy and corn are in just as many things as gluten and I hit the trifecta. But, I’m used to eating salads without dressing so it wasn’t a loss. The actual win in this is the crab. So sweet. It was the second time having crab after being deprived of the succulent crustacean for a year and a half. Anyone want to sing the “Hallelujah Chorus”? That was in my head with each bite I took.

My crazy cousins. I love them.

My crazy cousins, Clutzy & Pipsqueak.

I would go back without hesitation.Brophy Bros 5


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