Gluten-Free In Los Angeles: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

Believe it or not, this was the only food picture I took at Ruth's Chris.

Believe it or not, this was the only food picture I took at Ruth’s Chris.

Our second night in Los Angeles we were able to go out for a nice dinner sans Little Obi-Wan (I really should call him Obi-Wan because he’s not so little anymore). Chaz and I hadn’t been to a Ruth’s Chris in probably a decade. We used to go to the one in Louisville in Kaden Tower until the dress code got lax. Going to an upscale restaurant where you can easily spend over hundred dollars on dinner for two isn’t appealing when there are other diners in shorts and/or denim. It’s an aesthetic thing. I get it in tourist places when people are coming in from off the beach or the golf course, etc. But Louisville isn’t a tourist city, even during Derby. It’s more of a party city during Derby.

Ruth’s Chris has a separate gluten-free menu, but I ordered from the prix fixe menu (labeled as Ruth’s Classic Menu on the website) because they were able to tailor it to my needs. And it was cheaper. I was able to choose from a salad, a steak, a side, and a dessert that fit my dietary needs.

I gave my list of food allergies to our server who then gave it to the manager. He came to see me to let me know he was going over it with the chef to ensure nothing on my list touched my plate. This is where fine dining excels for people with food allergies. They get that if our needs aren’t met to our satisfaction, we’ll never return and we’ll tell others not to go. You know, like how those of us who are gluten-free tend to be more brand loyal than other consumers. It’s like that with restaurants.

I ate well that night. A Caesar salad with no croutons. Ribeye medium well, instead of the medium how I ordered it. Steamed spinach. Crème Brulee. It was my first Caesar salad and Crème Brulee in years. It’s amazing how delicious everything tastes when you haven’t had it in a long time.

It was an excellent meal out with Dawn, her Old Man, and Mom. I did learn that I need a new rule when dining with others consuming gluten. I’ve gotten used to eating with Chaz so if he has bread, he keeps it next to him. Mom passed the bread over me and instead of Chaz taking the basket, he tried to tear off a piece as she held it. Over my water. In a split second I imagined crumbs falling into my water. I made some noises like “GAH! AH! AH!” while covering my water and pulling it to me. Never again. New rule is gluten passes behind me or goes around the other way.


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