Gluten-Free in Las Vegas: Planet Hollywood

Planet HollywoodOur last full day in Las Vegas and I decided I wanted to go to Planet Hollywood for lunch. Neither of us had been to a Planet Hollywood and I figured since we went to Rainforest Cafe, why not?

We learned the hard way not to assume that Planet Hollywood the restaurant is not in Planet Hollywood the hotel. I was a bit hangry and fatigued when I discovered we needed to walk down to the Forum Shops. I hadn’t eaten yet and being sick plus the adrenal crash from the car accident and the traveling was taxing my body.

Planet Hollywood 2The restaurant does not have a dedicated gluten-free menu so they send the chef out to let you know what they can make safely for you. The chef that came out to talk to me appeared put out that he had to leave the kitchen and he was not pleased that I had no idea what I wanted. Hello, we were just seated and I didn’t have time to look at the menu. That said, he gave me all my options and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. Our server was confident in her knowledge of what was and wasn’t gluten-free, too, and was willing to double check with the kitchen for me for my own assurance.

Planet Hollywood 3Because I was so hangry, we started out with nachos. Yes. Gluten-free nachos IN A RESTAURANT! They were the best damn nachos I’ve had in years. They use shredded cheese instead of cheese sauce.

And now I want nachos…

Planet Hollywood 4I had a burger again. If you are new to my blog, if I find places where I can eat a gluten-free burger while traveling, I’m all in. That is a gluten-free bun my burger is on and there was supposed to be BBQ sauce, but there was something in it I couldn’t have so it came out without it. The fries are not gluten-free so I had a salad instead.

Let’s recount. I had nachos. I had a burger. I had a salad.

I was a pig.

I did not go to market. I did not stay home. I did not have roast beef. I did not cry, “Wee! Wee! Wee!” all the way home.