Gluten-Free in Las Vegas: Mozen Bistro & a Celebrity Sighting

Mozen BistroSometime during the family reunion with dozens of relatives in Vegas, I caught a nasty gastrointestinal virus. I’ll spare you the details and just tell you that I spent the next two days stuck in our hotel bed.

My first venture out the Tuesday after the reunion was to have lunch at Mozen Bistro in the Mandarin Oriental. They had a nice array of choices on their gluten-free menu. But there is something about having a burger after having problems keeping things town for forty-eight hours. Call me weird. I did it back in college after a weekend nearly comatose from alcohol poisoning. Once I felt I could keep something down, I walked next door to 7-Eleven and bought a burger.

Our server did a great job with communicating my food needs to the kitchen. I’d say it was the best burger I ever had, but it would be a lie. It was just the first non-bland thing I had since dinner Saturday night and my taste buds were happy. Plus, the best burger I ever had will always be the former Shakespeare’s in Greenwich Village.

I was happily enjoying my lunch in the fairly quiet restaurant when I heard a familiar voice. I thought I was hearing things until I peeked in the direction of the voice. I wasn’t hearing things.

Kim Coates, Tig in Sons of Anarchy, was standing about a hundred yards away talking to two women at a table not far from us.

I am a total SOA fan and I love to hate Tig because Kim is that good at making a disastrously impulsive character, who loyally follows the orders of his President even if it means murdering a member’s loved one, lovable.

I sat there and stared at Chaz, repeating, “Oh, my God,” under my breath. I tried explaining to Chaz who it was standing at the hostess stand, but he’s not good with names and was having more fun laughing at my celebrity-induced daze. I finally got it together to think, I should snap a picture while he’s standing there. But, I was too slow.

I was still in a state of shock that I actually laid eyes on him when he returned to sit and have lunch with the two women he was talking to previously. This time I got a picture. And no, I didn’t go over to talk to him. The man was eating lunch and no matter how much of a fan I might be, I don’t like being rude and interrupting people while they are eating. Okay, so he wasn’t eating yet, but he was with people. And, I get so star struck that I feel paralyzed and no matter what I say, if I did approach a celebrity, would make me look like a babbling idiot.

But I got this…

Mozen Bistro 2

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