Gluten-Free In Las Vegas: Rainforest Cafe

Las Vegas sunset from our room

Las Vegas sunset from our room

Our first day in Las Vegas included a show with Auntie Ai and Uncle Al. It was our third time in Sin City, but our first time going to a show. We decided to eat at Rainforest Cafe before the show because it was in the MGM, which meant not having to try to trek around the strip to get from dinner to the show.

We had never been to a Rainforest Cafe. The closest we ever came was walking by one. It’s kitschy as you would expect a chain restaurant like that to be. Part of me felt like I was eating in some restaurant in Disneyland with all the animatronics going on around us. It got a little distracting for me and our server was over-the-top. Not that having a server like that was bad, but he was one of those that was constantly checking on us (they weren’t crowded) and was on the perpetual up-sell. I’m not complaining. He was pleasant the whole time and had a trainee with him. As far as servers go, it could’ve been much worse.

Volcanic Cobb Salad

Volcanic Cobb Salad

Rainforest Cafe does not have a gluten-free menu so I had to work with our server to ensure a safe meal. Since I had such a heavy lunch, I went with a lighter dinner, especially since my body thought it was nearly midnight when we ate. I chose the Volcanic Cobb Salad because…bacon. Yes, I’m not ashamed to admit that I’ll choose a dish because it has bacon. I had it without the egg and the cheese even though I was tolerating cheese at the time. They use bleu cheese on it and I am not a fan of those types of cheeses. They use a balsamic vinegar dressing and they toss it before serving it. If I chose to go back and have the same thing, I would ask for the dressing on the side. I’m all for balsamic vinegar, but a little goes a long way. Chaz had a chicken dish that I had thought about getting and he was not thrilled about. The chicken was cold, like they had just taken it out of a cooler instead of being just taken off the grill. He wasn’t happy that he was 0 for 2 in food since we landed that morning. Pretty sad when you think about how he can have ANYTHING on the menu and I can’t.

After dinner, we walked over to the theater for Kà by Cirque du Soleil. It took us longer to get to the theater than we expected from inside the hotel because there was a rodeo going on that week in town. Las Vegas was full of cowboys and every hotel we walked into had some kind of nightly shindig going on just for the rodeo, most of which happened right in the middle of open floor like at the MGM. It meant we had to walk around instead of through.

I was excited about seeing Kà because it opened just a few months before we went to Las Vegas for the first time, but we didn’t get to see it. I knew virtually nothing about it other than it incorporated martial arts and fire. And if you know anything about me by now you know that martial arts and fire are right up my alley. The show had a little bit of everything in it and I’m glad I chose it as our first Las Vegas show and our first Cirque du Soleil show. And I enjoyed being with my auntie and uncle for a couple of hours.

Me and Auntie Ai

Me and Auntie Ai



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