Gluten-Free In Vegas: The Nine Fine Irishmen

Separate gluten-free menu at Nine Fine Irishmen

Separate gluten-free menu at Nine Fine Irishmen\

Yes, I am still alive and kicking! I have meant to write this post since my last post. But as I said before, the creative writing is taking over and when I’m in the zone, I can’t stop myself because I have to get it all out of my head before I lose it.

If you recall, we went to Las Vegas in December for a family reunion. We flew in on a Thursday just in time for lunch. I was close to Defcon Hangry at the time because I didn’t have a proper breakfast. I had food packed, but not nearly close to what I would’ve liked for breakfast. By the time we finally ate lunch, it was really dinnertime for us.

I used the Find Me Gluten-Free app again this trip. This time I used it months in advance to write down a list to send to one of my aunties. Not only was Nine Fine Irishmen near the top of the list when I first looked, it was on the cover of one of the magazines in our room when we checked in.

Magner's Hard Cider

Magner’s Hard Cider

The pub is known for pouring the perfect pint. My affinity for all things Irish led me to choose it for lunch. And how can you be somewhere known for pouring the perfect pint and NOT go?


Shepherd's Pie

Shepherd’s Pie

The pub is located in the New York, New York, which was right next door to us, meaning a short walk to food. I went with the Shepherd’s Pie. I knew it would fill me up and was the most appealing thing to me on the gluten-free menu. One caveat if you eat here is to make sure you talk to your server about your meal. On the menu their chips are listed on the gf menu, but it also states that they are fried in a shared fryer, which means they aren’t gf.

Chaz wasn’t thrilled with his fish and chips. I had a little leftover of my lunch because it is such a large portion. Chaz tried what I had left and was much more pleased with my lunch than he was with his. He didn’t pick well with his first drink either. But shhhh…

If we make it to Vegas again, Nine Fine Irishmen would be one place I wouldn’t mind returning to for a good meal.



  1. My heart almost skipped a beat. I read too fast and thought you were in NYC! When you do come, we’ll meet at the pub and have ciders. xoxo

    • When I make it to NYC, you are the first one I’m telling, Heather!!! There is no way I’d go and not see you!!! It would be like going to Disneyland without riding Pirates of the Caribbean! 🙂

  2. Nine Fine Irishmen is one of my fav spots for a casual meal in Vegas. The food is delicious ( I don’t have to be careful about Gluten, but I love the Shepherd’s Pie) and there is usually live entertainment going on. It’s a fun spot!

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