Damn Lucky

car accidentThis happened two weeks ago.

My car spun and a semi-like blue delivery truck loomed large in my windshield then the headlights of oncoming traffic in the morning hours. I collided with the back of the delivery truck in the spin and glass flew through the inside of the car. Cold air bit through me while adrenaline pumped like mad through my system.

I could not form a full thought and my fingers shook while trying to dial my phone. Who was I calling again?

Thankfully, a witness pulled over, checked on me, and called 911 before leaving with her young daughter for an appointment. The driver of the truck and the guys that were with him were fine.

My brain was so frazzled I did not think to check the damage on the car other than the two windows. My body was stiff and sore for several days and my adrenals crashed, but not too hard. Traveling to Las Vegas for my family reunion was not easy, but I did it.

I caught a gastrointestinal virus while with my family and spent two days holed up in the hotel room. As I type this, I am plagued by something respiratory less than a week later. Weakened immune system to go along with my weakened adrenal state.

Insurance is totaling my car and I am now faced with the decision to look for a new car or to make do with just Chaz’s car. I do not like buying cars. It tries my patience. The whole idea of looking for a new car stresses me out, a stress I most definitely do not need. However, sharing a car has its own stressors.

Then I look at this picture of my car that I took when Chaz and I returned from our trip and removed all my stuff from the car and I think, I walked away from that in one piece. As big as the truck was and given the road conditions I could have gone through the guard rails, the car could have flipped, and/or other cars could have hit me after the collision.

I am damn lucky. Everything else will take care of itself in time.


  1. Oh, Debi! So glad you walked away from that accident okay, stressed but okay. Car accidents, even those with the best possible outcomes, manage to “do a number on you”! Bummer on getting sick while on travel for fun, too. Hoping you figure out the car solution and are completely healed from the adrenal stress soon!


  2. The outlook you were able to come to on this is pretty incredible. It’s so hard to see situations like this from the perspective of being lucky. I feel inspired to take a closer look at the things I worry or complain about (nowhere near as scary, currently, as a car accident!). Best of luck to you dealing with everything.

  3. Wow, glad to hear that you are still with us! That looks pretty serious, and all things considered, you’re probably right… Damn lucky! 😉 Take care of yourself, and hopefully we may see you guys this coming year! TTFN, much love.

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