Review: Coracao Confections

Almost too pretty to open. Almost.

Almost too pretty to open. Almost.

It’s not often I will do a product review anymore. I rarely buy packaged goods and ordering treats is…well…a treat. And what a treat I discovered with Coracao Confections. The company is based in Emeryville, California and they source their raw cacao from farmers using sustainable practices. Their confections are free from gluten, dairy, soy, corn, artificial additives, and refined sugar.

I ordered the 22-piece Deluxe Box and a Raspberry Blondie Bar. Ice packs were included in the box because I chose ground shipping (it’s the cheapest and takes about a week). Despite the heat, the chocolates arrived without anything melted. I kept the box on the coffee table and they kept well at room temperature.

The Deluxe Box I received was filled with Almond Coconut Dream, Raw Fudge Truffle, Raspberry Fudge Truffle, Mayan Spice Truffle, Espresso Ganache Truffle, Tangerine Bee-Pollen Truffle, Peppermint Patty, Hazelnut Mousse Truffle, Chai Truffle, Caramel Cups, Rawmond Butter Cup, Live Almond Heart, and a Baby Bar. I was amazed by the creamy texture of the truffles and balance of flavors used so ingredients didn’t overpower each other. My favorites were the Rawmond Butter  and the Chai Truffle. I’m not a caramel lover and I found myself enjoying the Caramel Cups.  The Mayan Spice Truffle was the big surprise for me. Every other chocolate I’ve tried with cayenne was a disaster. Usually the cayenne is front and center and I feel like I just ate straight cayenne powder. Coracao Confections does it right. The cayenne is subtle and balanced well by the raw cacao. It had a surprising after kick for me that I enjoyed.

As we say back home, broke da mouth!

As we say back home, broke da mouth!

I adored the Baby Bar. I ate it all in one sitting, which isn’t hard to do because as the name indicates it is small. It was better than the name brand I keep in my pantry for chocolate fixes and use in baking. Again, the key to it is the balance of ingredients as well as the lack of extraneous ingredients.

The Raspberry Blondie was a little too sweet for me with all the shredded coconut. It did remind me of Raspberry Zingers if they were dipped and drizzled in chocolate. That alone was worth it. If I decide to order it again it will be to eat one bite, one day at a time. And maybe with a side of coffee to help me manage the sweetness.

Take away all my food allergies and put a box of Coracao Confections and a box of Godiva Truffles in front of me, I’ll take the former every time.

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