Debi’s Tropical Iced Tea

For the daring who want with just some ice

For the daring who want with just some ice

I was craving a Long Island Iced Tea several weeks back while I was wrapped up in the short fiction series I just did on Chocolate Wasteland. When you keep writing about something, you end up wanting it.

I eventually wandered over to my bar (read: two-shelf bookcase) to see if I had the makings for it and to my dismay, I didn’t. Which is weird because normally we have everything. I decided, screw it, let’s make something new!

I grabbed some bottles and the cocktail shaker and started experimenting. It was amazing. When you can’t have a Long Island Iced Tea, you make something reminiscent of home and revel in results.

My first incarnation was pure alcohol. I realized later that I forgot to eat lunch that day, too. I was a bit giggly by the time Chaz got home from work and I was having trouble just watching TV. And the “write drunk, edit sober,” saying from Hemingway was put into effect. It was more like delete-everything-you-wrote-while-drinking-the-day-before.

I swear I was only sipping it! Okay, not eating lunch didn’t help me any.

My second experiment was simply to add something non-alcoholic to the drink to dilute it a smidge. Much like the splash of Coke in a Long Island Iced Tea.

Still tasty and the green tea I chose added nothing flavor wise, only color and dilution. If I could still have this, I would be sipping it on my lanai watching the sun set behind the treeline.

Debi’s Tropical Iced Tea Hunter's Lyonesse Tropical Iced Tea

1 oz. Passion Fruit Rum

1 oz. Guava Rum

1 oz. Cointreau

1 oz. Vodka

1 oz. Tequila


green tea

Add ice, rums, Cointreau, vodka, and tequila to a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously. Strain into a glass with ice and top with green tea.



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