Going South

We took a weekend to go a little further South while we were on vacation.  We were getting together with some of my high school/neighborhood friends and Dawn‘s mom, along with a few other things that just happened after we arrived.

It was an adventure.

When we were driving from the Burbank airport to Dawn’s house, I noticed some banners for a Faberge exhibit at The Bowers Museum.  I got excited.

I fell in love with Faberge when my uncles took me and my brother to see Octopussywhen I was 9.  I was completely enthralled with the complexity of the design of the egg used in the opening.

Outside The Bowers Museum

The first time I saw one up close and personal was one of the yearly trips to Beverly Hills with Auntie Boogie and Granny.  We were all surprised when we walked into one of the stores we always went to and saw roped off table settings with guards.  Auntie Boogie is a Faberge fan, too.  We spent a lot more time leaning over as far as we could to get a good long look.  This was before digital photography and zoom.

This would be a chance to see a lot more with my nose on a case.  Okay, I didn’t really put my nose on the cases, but I got really close and took a lot of pictures.  I wish I could share the pics, but there was something about nothing sharing them certain ways.  To err on the side of caution, no one gets to see them but me when I open up the folder in my files.  It was absolutely breathtaking though.

We walked around several of the other exhibits to really make it worth our while, then we went in search of food.

What we found was a bakery in Fountain Valley that was almost completely allergy-free.  Sensitive Sweets.

Sensitive Sweets

Everything you see was within limits for me. Everything they had in the bakery, except for the lemon bars, were safe.

Black Forest, Chocolate Mint, & Red Velvet Cupcakes. Key Lime deliciousness that was just a tad too sweet for me.

Two of Chaz’s brownies.

I’d go back for this. The thumbprint cookies were okay. The sandwich bread tasted like Hawaiian sweet bread but was much denser. The cupcakes were where it was at there.

It was late afternoon by the time we checked in to our hotel and started thinking about dinner.   If you caught my post in which I reviewed Tomiko, you already know about dinner.  If not, check it out.

From dinner, we drove down to The Old Globe Theater in Balboa Park for the first night of Allegiance – A New American Musical.  I reviewed this on my other blog, Chocolate Wasteland.  You can read about it here.

In the hotel room.

I planned ahead and got us a room with a kitchen in case I needed to cook on my own.  We wound up only using the mini-fridge for all our treats from Sensitive Sweets.  Better prepared than SOL!


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