An Ego Gets In The Way Of Food

Spicy Calamari

Things happened on vacation.  We didn’t have anything planned other than going to the USC v Hawai`i game with my uncles and a weekend with friends further South.  The day we arrived I noticed banners for a Fabérge exhibit at The Bowers Museum.  I had to go.  HAD to.  Then I discovered that Allegiance – A New American Musical was opening the weekend we were going South and that Lea Salonga was in it.  I already knew George Takei was in it.  He’s been posting about it for months on social media.  Any opportunity to see Lea Salonga is a must in my book.

After spending time at The Bowers Museum on our way to Encinitas, we took a small detour to Fountain Valley for some allergy-free baked goods.  Don’t worry, I’ll tell you about them in another post.  We were both a little cranky by the time we checked in and started getting ready for opening night.  Chaz decided he wanted to try Tomiko, the Japanese restaurant across from the hotel, because their gluten-free offerings were listed right there on the menu.

Nigiri Sushi – Salmon, Hamachi, & Ika (squid)

The Spicy Calamari was amazing.  I’m not used to being able to order calamari anymore.  It was tender and flavorful.  The sushi was good.  Not great but good enough to enjoy and decide after a few selections that we wanted more.

More was not to come.

We told the server before we even ordered about my food restrictions.  She was happy to help.

When we decided we wanted to order more and asked for the Dynamite Special without the dynamite sauce, she said, “Let me go check if we can do that).  Mayo is the primary component for dynamite sauce and if you were able to keep up with me on Facebook or Twitter, I realized a few days before that eggs were causing my itchy grief.

She returned and said that the owner/chef (Tomiko herself) said no she wouldn’t do it without the sauce.  I asked, “Not even if it’s because I can’t have eggs.”  The server responded, “She’s particular about her recipes.”


This was the first time in nearly 2 1/2 years of living with food restrictions that I was told I could not have something altered just because they didn’t want to.  Trust me, I understand when I’m told no to things that are marinated or prepared ahead of time.  I get it.  I know how kitchens operate.  This was just beyond ridiculous.

We promptly asked for the check and made our way to The Old Globe Theater for a night of live entertainment.

God bless one of my friends.  When she saw my post on Facebook after it happened, she wanted to know which restaurant so she could start a boycott immediately.  I love her.

And yes, I left a review on Yelp.

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