An Apple A Day

Getting through with coconut water, apples, and mint

Two weeks ago, I started feeling funny a few hours after eating dinner.  There were rumblings going on.  Louder than when my stomach protests when it is empty.  And right as I’m getting ready to go to bed, the volcano blew.  And blew.  It blew all night long.

When I finally dragged myself out of bed the following morning I was severely dehydrated.  And out of coconut water.  There was no way I was in any condition to run out for more.  I texted Chaz to pick some up on his way home.  Meanwhile, I found some Hawaiian juices we had.  As sick as I was, I was worried anything that went down would come right back up.  Kinda like that one time in college when I had alcohol poisoning.  But I was so dehydrated that I chugged that first can of juice rather recklessly.   Then I got a glass of water down hoping the juice would stay down and camped out on the sofa watching Supernatural on Netflix Instant Watch.  I dozed on and off all day in between trips to the bathroom.  Yes, not everything came out one end.  Being sick is never pretty.  I didn’t even eat anything until late afternoon.  Two hard boiled eggs.  That was all I ate that day.

The next day was more of the same nausea, bathroom trips, and watching the Winchester brothers while conscious.  I managed to force myself to eat a little more in the afternoon and a bite or two at dinner.  But, I had to force myself to eat.  It was easier to keep getting myself rehydrated than trying to shovel food down my mouth.  The thought occurred to me that I may have been glutened during dinner on Wednesday.  However, Chaz wasn’t feeling so hot either.  I still checked the packaged stuff I wound up using while testing a recipe and turns out the tortilla chips I had were processed on the same equipment as wheat and milk (don’t know how I missed that one because I did check the bag).  Okay, so glutening and dairying on top of a gastrointestinal virus.  Lovely.

Saturday I was starting to feel better, but not completely, and I was getting tired of running to the bathroom.  By Sunday, I had my appetite back and I was feeling better.   Win!  Right?


Monday morning I woke up and I was right back in the bathroom.  Three times in under an hour.  The thought, kill me now, ran through my head.  I managed to get the grocery shopping done.  Without incident.  I went several hours without incident.  I figured it was over.  Wrong again.  It picked up again early afternoon and then got worse late afternoon.  I was up again all night with this bloody bug.

I realized the next day, as I’m watching Sam and Dean battle demons, that I was forgetting things learned long ago that would help me.  It wouldn’t kill the virus, but it would help my body settle down without having to take a pill.  Coconut water is good for keeping me hydrated while sick, but mint and apples helped settle my entire gastrointestinal system.

Mint will help settle your stomach and your intestines.  I used spearmint oil a lot back when IBS was still just IBS to me, rather than a symptom of something greater.   Rubbing it on my tummy would help calm all the rumbling going on in my abdominal area.  This time around, I eschewed the oil and went straight for the real thing since I happened to have some in the fridge.  I was chewing a leaf every few hours.

Apples are a wonder.  I learned from a nurse I worked with many years ago that apples will help not only diarrhea, but constipation, too.  It’s the pectin right under the skin that does it.  So apples and mint it was for me.  Along with lots of coconut water.

I was able to manage through a couple of days of work, but I still wasn’t feeling 100%.  It got worse again last Friday and I thought I would be okay Saturday when I woke up.  But the longer I was up, the worse it got.

I’m feeling a bit better, but still not 100%.  Can’t wait for it to die.  Until then it’s coconut water, apples, and mint for me.


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