Chocolate Chai Surprise

Chocolate Chai Surprise Smoothie

I know I’ve been a bit quiet on here.  I’m taking advantage of my decreased hours at work to work on projects around our apartment that got neglected during the holidays.  And I’m still working on a few recipes that aren’t quite ready to share still.

I had every intention to blog yesterday.  All my plans fell apart when I woke up to a phone call from my doctor.  Not a nurse or assistant.  My doctor.  That’s what I love about her and her colleagues.  I went in for my monthly appointment last week and asked her for a blood draw.  My last one was a year ago when I first started seeing her and I’ve been feeling slightly off.

My suspicions were true.

My Vitamin D is back up to being within normal limits (WNL).   Yippee!   My TSH, T3, and T4 are all still WNL.  Woo hoo!   My iron and hematacrit levels are still borderline under and my platelet count dropped significantly.  Boo!

Since I woke up to this information, I wasn’t thinking straight and had no idea what to ask.  I just took down the information for the Hematologist that she recommended.

I had two choices.  Start looking stuff up online and freak out or text Dr. Cuz and ask her questions that suddenly came to me.  If you haven’t seen my posts about Dr. Cuz, she’s my go-to for explaining medical things because she is my cousin and because she has a way to keep me from completely freaking out.

I texted Dr. Cuz.  She asked a few questions and while I was waiting for her to respond to my answers I started looking online.  I figured as long as I had her opinion as well, I’d be fine.  Her final opinion – idiopathic thrombocytopenia.  Now there’s a mouthful.  The symptoms fit.  Now if only the Hematologist office would call me back!  I think they did try to call while I was at work, but didn’t leave a message.

Even if I didn’t completely freak out yesterday, I still spent most of the day in a fog.  I pretty much goofed off and only did laundry and cooked dinner.  We all need those days sometimes, right?  Right.

Now I will leave you with a smoothie I’ve been drinking the last few days.

Chocolate Chai Surprise Smoothie – serves 1

1/2 – 3/4 cup frozen mango

half handful spinach or other greens

1 tablespoon raw local honey or sweetener of your choice

1 tablespoon nut butter

1 – 2 tablespoons raw cacao powder

1/4 – 1/2 teaspoon garam masala (1/2 t will be pretty spicy while less will be mild)

1 tablespoon maca root powder (optional)

Milk or dairy-free milk of your choice

Place all ingredients into your blender except the milk.  In place of nut butter and dairy-free milk, you can soak 1/2 cup nuts or shredded coconut in filtered water ahead of time and add extra water (do not drain the water from the soaking, it helps make the “milk”) at the end in place of the milk.  Add milk/alternative to the blender to just under the 2 cup line.  Blend well, especially if you are using the soaked nuts/coconuts.

This is how wonderful Dr. Cuz is.  She just called me as I was typing up the directions for the recipe to make sure she had all the right information.  And she made sure to keep saying after I answered each question with, “You’re going to be fine.”  She said it one last time as were about to hang up, too.  So blessed with great cousins!


  1. Ugh. The uncertainty and waiting is awful, isn’t it? I am also currently waiting to see another specialist for another issue as well – not thyroid this time either!

    I also have a Dr. Cuz and a Dr Bro and two Nurse step-siblings…so they get all of my crazy messages! I am sure they roll their eyes sometimes when they get another wacky email from me about whatever is going on now. 🙂

    Hope you can get some answers soon.

    • Thank you, Renee! And I hope things turn out well for you, too. It’s wonderful to have a Dr. Cuz and others we can call on, right? Before my cousin finished med school, I did do a lot of freaking out. So, glad I’ve been able to turn to her for stress-free guidance!

    • Thank you, Renee! And I hope things turn out well for you, too. It’s wonderful to have a Dr. Cuz and others we can call on, right? Before my cousin finished med school, I did do a lot of freaking out. So, glad I’ve been able to turn to her for stress-free guidance!

  2. Wow, both really good news and “what the heck does this mean?” news. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers, Debi! Glad you have Dr. Cuz. I think you did exactly the right thing yesterday. And I’m glad your absence is due to more time at home. I was afraid you were working like a mad woman. Love this smoothie, dear. So much goodness packed into it!

    Big hugs,

    • Thank you, Shirley! I find it funny that all three (iron, Vitamin D, and thyroid levels) can never be WNL all together. 2 are WNL and the 3rd is low. If the 3rd gets up to WNL, another one drops to low. My fussy body!

      No working like a mad woman. Well, I do when I’m there, just not there as often. If I was there too much I probably would’ve been complaining. lol

  3. Your smoothie looks delicious!

    I am always nervous when I get phone calls like that! But it’s great that you have so many resources to call upon. And decreased hours at work? That’s got to be good for your stress right? And anything that reduces stress is bound to help you body out.

    Much love and hoping you get it all sorted out quickly!

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