The Story Behind the Name

When I was setting up this blog nearly 2 years ago, I thought long and hard about the name I was going to give it.  I could have done something witty and punny.  I could have gone with something easy and simple.

Instead I went with something old and nostalgic.

I had no idea where this journey back to healthy living would take me and sure enough, the page diverged and I’m not just living healthy.  I’m living healthier thanks to discovering my issue with gluten and now dairy.   I’m thankful I didn’t pigeon-hole myself into something witty and punny so that I would feel like I had to stick with what the title of my blog said.  Not that there is anything wrong with anyone with specific blog titles.  I just knew that things tend to change and I need to be able to change as it happens.   Changing blog titles isn’t so easy once people know you by your blog.  Which is why Chocolate Wasteland became my blog for my ramblings that had nothing to do with health.

Hunter was the nickname given to me by the guys I worked with at the YMCA back home.  It was actually Head Hunter, but it got shortened to Hunter as it was easier to yell out when they saw me.   One weekend we were at leadership camp, getting ready to take the kids to camp later in the Summer.  We were playing a game called Amoeba.  Small circles are formed by people joining hands and running off with everyone else having to catch the amoebas by forming a bigger circle around them.  The amoebas can join and become bigger, making it more difficult to catch.

The guys decided they wanted to do boys versus girls, even though not all the guys could be in the amoeba.  Since they got a head start, we finally caught up to them by the archery range, trying to stay near the wall and coconut trees to make it harder to catch them.   They saw us positioning ourselves on both sides of the wall to catch them so they started to squeeze through the trees.   Six mostly large guys holding hands trying to get through coconut trees.  Not as easy as it sounds.  I was closest and decided I needed to slow them down.  So, I did what my football player friends did.  Got my center of gravity low and led with my shoulder.   I didn’t really do anything to them, but they saw my intent.  From then on, I was Hunter.

Lyonesse (think of French Lyon and not lion when pronouncing) comes from the story of Tristan and Isolde (or Iseult).  I am a fan of Arthurian legend and retellings of the legend.  Or as Hollywood would call it nowadays, reboots.  I’m a fan of any good retelling of any legend.  In the story of Tristan, Lyonesse is his home country.  In the movie, First Knight, it is Guinevere’s home.  In the Pendragon Cycle books by Stephen R. Lawhead, Lyonesse is where the Fair Folk of Atlantis settle.  In the end, I just love how the name rolls off my tongue when I say it.

So, Hunter’s Lyonesse was the name I gave my “homepage” (remember those) waaaaaaaay back in the day and I decided to bring it back to life in this blog.

Big thanks to Laura McDowell of LMD Studios for the hard work on the logos! 



  1. Sooo, that’s the “rest of the story”, then. You didn’t give the phonetic spelling…Lee-OH-ness 🙂 *I still sometimes say Lioness…as you know by today’s skype session..LOL

  2. I always pronounce it Lion – aise like mayonaise – a lot I know. I can’t say hyperbole right either – just ask Dawn. **and I will continue to Miss-pronounce both words cause I am old and I can :)**

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