My First Giveaway!

When I started this blog, I never thought this is where it would end up.  Then again, I never really knew where it would go which is why I don’t have any kind of kitschy blog name.  I knew if things changed (as they are wont to do) I wouldn’t be pigeon holed by a silly name.

I started off with just needing an outlet for my writing, focused on health.  Then I went gluten-free.  Then friends wanted me to share recipes.  Now I’m dairy-free, too.

For anyone who doesn’t know the story, I did an egg and dairy-free trial at the same time I did my gluten-free trial last year in March.  My reaction to dairy was just a little extra mucous production.  I know.  I should have just cut it out there.  But, at the time I didn’t feel it was as serious as my reaction to gluten and I figured cutting back would suffice.  Which it did.  Until recently.

I don’t like milk.  Never have.  I disliked milk so much that one time while my dad’s best friend’s parents were babysitting me and his best friend’s daughter, I cried when they tried to force me to drink it.  I’m sure that made me dislike it even more.  I cringe when I see milk commercials.   From the dislike of the stuff and the mass lies the ads perpetuate.

Alternative milks (mostly coconut) have served as my replacement in cooking for a while now.  Cheese is another thing.  I love cheese.  While I didn’t eat it daily, there were times that I just wanted a slice of colby-jack or a schmear of Camembert on a cracker with fig spread.  I’ve never really cared for yogurt either.  I’ve downed it now and then simply because I believed what marketing told me.  That I needed it.   Sour cream and cream cheese never really were my thing but they both make my rather awesome mashed potatoes as awesome as they are.  And cream cheese, well…have I mentioned how much I love cheesecake?  Whipped cream, far from my favorite.  Ice cream, quite another story.  Butter.  Well, butter makes everything taste better, right?  True, but I used it sparingly.

It was about a month ago that I decided I needed to heed my body’s protests against dairy.  For a few months I noticed my reactions were becoming more like my reactions to gluten.  I believe I’ve either developed an allergy or the multiple accidental glutenings I’ve had since end of April have created this problem.

My initial thought about doing this was, I need to get Alisa Fleming’s Go Dairy Free book.  So, I hop on to a popular bookseller’s website and order the book.  And a few others.  Have I mentioned what  bookworm I am?  All is good.  Free 3 day shipping.  I won’t have to wait long.

If you saw my post on Facebook or Twitter, this is where the snafu enters.

The books got shipped to our previous address.  I seriously don’t know how it happened since I’ve ordered books since our move.  So, as soon as I realize this, I email them they fix things.  Everyone is happy.

Or so I thought.

When the book shipped again, they sent it to the previous address AGAIN.  This is after the numerous emails that included me giving them the correct address after they asked for it.  I immediately email them AGAIN and this time express my extreme displeasure at them screwing up AGAIN and copied and pasted the aforementioned emails into the email.  It didn’t take long before I got an email saying my account would be credited.

This is about the time I started kicking myself for not buying it at the Expo.

So now, 3 weeks later, I was still bookless.  I hopped on to another popular website and ordered the book.

It came in Tuesday. YIPPEE!  Along with one of the books that was shipped to the wrong address.  Free book to giveaway!   Then, Wednesday when I got home from work a third book was waiting for me!  Yes, the replacement that was sent to the wrong address finally made it, too.  I thought they were lost in that black hole of wrong address mail.

Go Dairy Free by Alisa Fleming

So, what better way to make use of a bookseller’s double mistake and to celebrate my dairy-free adventures than do a giveaway?  This book is chock full of information on dairy, what it does to our bodies when we are allergic to it or intolerant to lactose, and the foods we eat (or should be eating) that contain the higher amounts of calcium.   Many of you who may have this book already or are familiar with it also know there are wonderful dairy-free recipes.  It’s a great starting point for different ways to make your own dairy-free butters, sour cream, and the like.  This is something I know I will make great use of since I really don’t want to buy the over processed substitutes when I want or need them for a recipe.

Two of these books are up for grabs!

How to enter the giveaway: 

  • Leave a comment below.
  • Share this post on Facebook and/or Twitter and leave a comment that you did so (does not need to be a separate comment, the less comments I have to moderate, the better!
Giveaway ends Tuesday, October 4th, 2011, at 8pm Eastern.


  1. LOL on the accidents! I once ordered flowers from a friend’s mom from and they delivered three different bouquets to the same address! Snafus happen. Congrats to you on going dairy free, Debi! You can be more inspiration for me to finally commit 100%. 🙂 I’m not entering the giveaway, but I think Alisa’s book is excellent and I’ll share this on my gfe FB page!


    • Shirley, one can never have too many flowers! It was definitely time for me. It’s making things a little more interesting in the kitchen and eating out, which we do even less of now. Better for our wallets anyway! 😀

  2. Oh, how I could use a book like this right now. Having literally just been confirmed gluten intolerant this week and battling with suspected lactose intolerance for a couple of months now, my ways of eating are being greatly challenged. I’m working with a nutritionist, but it would be lovely to have recipes on hand different from what she recommends to help widen my arsenal of eating healthy and gluten/ dairy free.

    • Kimberley, there are many great cookbooks on the market for gf. And the recipes that contain dairy are fairly easily modified for dairy-free. Some of my favorites are Make It Fast Cook It Slow, More Make It Fast Cook It Slow, The Welcoming Kitchen (allergy-free and vegan), Simply Sugar and Gluten- Free (great recipe for socca pizza crust), The Spunky Coconut Cookbook, Cooking for Isaiah, and (brand new!) The Pure Kitchen. I just got my copy of The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen, too. Being that I’m Asian, I easily adapt most Asian recipes I already have, but I wanted someone else’s take on it. Everyone seems to love it. Gluten-Free Living and Living Without magazines are great resources and the newly launched, Easy Eats e-magazine. Check out my Favorite Foodies page. Most of the people listed are gluten-free bloggers and great friends. Good luck to you on this journey!

  3. Hooray for your first giveaway! Congrats on receiving your book(s).

    I’ve been flirting with going officially dairy free for a while. I’m another person who never liked milk, but I used to use nonfat dairy products to amp up my protein intake. I have already eliminated all the cottage cheese and Greek yogurt I used to eat. Cheese has been the final frontier. I’ve been eating less and less, until I found myself not eating it. Only a few days ago I gave in to temptation and had two slices of cheese- only two slices, spaced across two different meals. Now after this re-introduction I know I need to listen to my body- and even that small amount of cheese was too much. Sadness. I need to make a commitment to just suck it up and add DF to my GF diet. Alisa’s book is *the* go-to reference for Dairy Free info and recipes. I met Alisa at the Fitness Bloggers Conference in Boulder this summer. She has a really interesting story about how this book came to be self-published. At one point they were literally mailing all orders out of their garage. But I’m *sure* that’s not why you had so much trouble getting your copy shipped correctly.

    I’m sharing your giveaway on FB too. (fingers crossed!)

    • Lisa, no cheese is definitely sadness. I’m living though and I know I’m better off without it. I love Alisa. I got to meet her at the Gluten and Allergy Free Expo in Chicago this year. It’s exactly why I thought of her when I decided it was time and that I needed a good resource. Oh no, they aren’t the cause of the snafu. Like I said, it was a major bookseller. lol Even though I was really mad after the second mix up, it all worked out to my benefit and two soon to be lucky people!

  4. Twin! This is so awsome of you to turn your shipping misfortune into someone elses benefit 🙂 Im on my phone and tbe formatting is difficult to follow ao iI hope I havent made a mess of it. I finally admitted that I needed to go lacrose free about 8 years ago and I am always looking for good.recepies that dont include butter or cream… Better yet if I could make my own substitutes, I might actually be able to make one that doesnt taste so much like plant fiber and sugar 🙂

  5. My 3 year old son has had chronic diarrhea for the last 13 months. It started within two days of weaning him from breastfeeding. We took him off gluten and milk and it helps. He seemed to do ok with other dairy products but recently his GI,behavioral, sleep issues became worse again. We decided yesterday (!) to take him off of all dairy and see if that helps. Would LOVE to read up on dairy free! Thank you for sharing your story, I feel like all the doctors Rigg has seen, even a highly respected Peds GI doc, don’t have any answers and we are on our own trying to figure this out. My son doesn’t have the vocab to describe to us what is going on with him, and symptoms surely differ, but it gives us some insight as to what could be going on with him. It seems like a similar story, did better on a g-f diet with milk elimination, but had gluten reaction like symptoms after a period of time. Again, thanks for sharing your story!

    • Angela, I hope you find answers soon! Keep pressing doctors and if they aren’t performing to your satisfaction, find a new one! Before our move, I saw a Naturopath in conjunction with my regular doctor. Now I just see an integrative doctor regularly for wellness visits so that any little thing that pops up between visits gets taken care of before it spins out of control. So, if Western medicine can’t figure it out, don’t be afraid to try alternative medicine. It’s not nearly as scary as people think it is especially when you do your research before seeing a provider. 😀

  6. I already have it and love it, but here’s my two cents on the milk thing. Or really my own thoughts about what’s going on in my body. 🙂 What I figure is that once you’ve got some chronic inflammation going on in your body, your white blood cells are going to start damaging healthy cells and tissues rather than damaged ones like they’re supposed to. Over time, mild inflammation can get worse and worse because the damage is getting worse. So every time you drink milk, you increase the inflammation in your body, which increases the damage done to your gut mucosa, which over time will increase your reactions to milk and/or other foods. Think of it as a leaky gut getting leakier and leakier. So cutting out any foods you’re having a reaction to now is like a preventative measure for future damage and more food sensitivities. (Hope that didn’t sound preachy…I’ve got way too much inflammation information in my brain since I’m giving a talk on it in Dallas)

  7. We are starting our journey and this would be essential to our cookbook collection as we only have like 5:( my 4 year old with autism I’d allergic to dairy and during his journey I discovered my own and am starting mine with him. thank you so much for the great information!!

  8. I too would find this book very helpful, I found out a few months ago that I have a dairy allergy and have been doing my very best to eliminate it from my diet. I’m sure I would find this book very helpful, unlike you I was a huge lover of milk, yogurt, and all things dairy. I feel much better now that I’m off it but I definitely miss it!

  9. It’s comforting when I can find other people out there living healthy, sustainable lives on a dairy and gluten free diet. I have been working on making the switch because I have recently discovered I have a severe non-Celiac intolerance to gluten and have started to realize through the process of elimination that I have an allergy to dairy as well. I have been to countless specialists (rheumatologist, endocrinologist, gastroenterologist) in an attempt to figure out what was wrong with me and each time they couldn’t give me an answer. After a suggestion from a friend in regards to cutting out all things wheat is was then that I realized (after not eating it for a month and a half) that I finally found the cause of everything.

    I posted this on my FB page. I have a few vegan friends who I know would be curious about the book.

    Thanks for being a beacon of light out there when I feel lost in a sea of yummy things I cannot consume 🙂

    • Jennifer, isn’t it amazing? I had the same thing, too. Lots of different specialists unable to give me answers. I’m so thankful for my Naturopath figuring out one piece of the puzzle for me to get me on the road I’m on and to one of my good friends for sharing an article with me on the link between gluten and thyroid problems (as well as many other chronic illnesses). There really is something to be said about our food being our medicine. Best wishes to you on this journey! 😀

  10. Hi 🙂 i would love and enjoy this dairy free book. I have been gluten free for over a year now due to health problems and have become dairy free since May. I’m interested in learning more about benefits of going dairy free and helping/promoting public health. I’m going to cross my fingers for this 🙂

  11. I would love to read this book. I have several food intolerances & allergies so any additional info that could help my dairy free lifestyle would be greatly appreciated!

  12. I love cookbooks! I am not currently dairy free, but have replaced my milk with coconut, almond and hemp milk. I would love a chance to try some recipes that are dairy free! I have been gluten free for the last two years.

  13. I would LOVE a copy of this book! Dairy has been the hardest thing for me to stop eating completey… the only dairy products I still eat are OCCASIONALLY cheese — but I always pay for it… and butter, which never seems to have ill effects with me… but then again I often use it as ghee, so most of the milk proteins are removed… at any rate, I’ve been wanting this book for a long time! would love a copy!

  14. I been taking levoxyl from 11 years and from the last two years I am on .25 mcg levoxyl.
    Is it possible to out of thyriod medicine and just do Gaia thyriod?.What ever reason thyroid is not function .I see gaia has iodine in their support formula.
    So many we hypothyriod ppl cannot eat ,Brussel sprou , spinch ,kale mustrud green ,cabbage ,peanuts ,peaches etc.

    What is your daily meals like .I am not a big meat eater and do have digestion problem .Any suggestions?.
    I do want to come out the medicine I am taking because I still donot have enough energy and low mood .Weight is not that much of a problem just over all not felling so good.I do take D,Multi FISH OIL,C,magesium,B-complex. .I do use a good brand New Chpater.

    • akia, I was worse on medication and went off of it under the guidance of my naturopath and used supplements. I may have used Gaia, but I can’t remember which one I used. It definitely had iodine. Anything with dessicated thyroid in it also caused a negative reaction for me. I was also using brewer’s yeast. I would suggest talking to your doctor if they are open to alternative therapies. If not, find a naturopath or integrative doctor in your area to discuss your options off medication. With the gluten-free diet, I don’t even need the supplements anymore. So, I would recommend having your doctor test you for gluten intolerance and Celiac, especially since you say you have digestive problems. I’d also ask him/her to check your iron and Vitamin D levels. I know you say you’re taking Vitamin D, but sometimes we still don’t take enough, especially if we’re not out in the sun enough. Low levels of those are common in people with hypothyroidism and will cause the fatigue. Gluten is a known trigger for thyroid problems, but most doctors that focus on Western medicine aren’t educated on it.

      Even while I was symptomatic, I still ate all those cruciferous vegetables, peanuts, strawberries, etc. What I did was work on ridding my home of toxins. I use baking soda, vinegar and essential oils to clean. I filter my water and don’t use anything with fluoride (a known thyroid disruptor). I went off the birth control pill, another known thyroid disruptor. And most of all, I stopped eating refined sugars and flours, and most processed foods. Again, these are known disruptors to our thyroid. Food wise, I eat anything in the produce section and anything from the seafood and meat counters (except the pre-prepped foods that some grocery stores carry). I also occasionally include gluten-free grains like quinoa (really a seed), brown rice, wild rice pilaf, etc. Beans, nuts and seeds are all part of my diet, too. Even in if you’re not a big meat eater like me, you need to make sure you have adequate protein along with your carbs (can be fruits and veggies, not just grains) and healthy fats.

      New Chapter is a great brand. I have their probiotics and will be switching to their multi-vitamin soon. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask!

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