Oatmeal To Go

Chocolate-y Nutty Figgy Oatmeal

It started to cool down in the Mid-West a few weeks ago.  I started thinking about oatmeal.  And chocolate.  And dried figs.  Oh, yes.  Then, Carrie went and posted her oatmeal with chocolate breakfast indulgence.   I decided, that was it.  Stop thinking and start doing.

I normally cook my oatmeal on the stove.  I know lots of people who swear by doing it in their slow cooker.   If you didn’t go to Carrie’s post and you want to use the slow cooker, cook it on high for 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 hours or on low for 4-6 hours.  For this, though, I wanted to be able to cook it and walk away while doing something and not have to think about or listen for a timer.  I used my rice cooker.  A truly set it and forget it appliance.  Automatically turns off once it is done.  Unless you have those fancy schmancy ones that turns it to warm once it is cooked.  And out here, those fancy schmancy ones are the only ones I can find anymore.  I miss my old simple rice cooker.

Back to the oatmeal.

So I was thinking chocolate and dried figs.  Carrie’s post prompted me to remember that I need protein for this healthy breakfast.  Enter almond butter.  It was either that or cashew butter.  Quite frankly, cashew butter is tasteless to me.  What is the point of a nut butter if it is tasteless?  Right?  Maybe it’s my distaste for cashews coming out.  But give me a break. I’m really trying to like them.  Eating them with mixed nuts and all.  And I even bought that jar of cashew butter.  That says something right there.  Namely, never buying it again.

But, I digress again.  I should mention I was up at 3:50am in order to be at work by 6am and I worked a full 8 hour day on my feet.  It’s now almost 7pm and I’m starving…anxiously awaiting the gluten-free teriyaki salmon that Chaz is fixing for dinner.

The figs.  I am in love with dried figs.  Figs are rich in B Vitamins, Potassium, Iron, Calcium, and Zinc.  Just to name a few things.  So, this breakfast is really an iron powerhouse between all the iron in the figs, dark chocolate, and almond butter.  I used Lindt 85% Extra Dark.  Just one square.  Some mornings I couldn’t finish my oatmeal and wound up taking it to work with me for snack.  It makes a delicious snack.



  1. LOL … you crack me up! I just saw Pecash Butter in the Paleo Comfort Foods cookbook … made using a combo of pecans and cashews. That might work for you. 🙂 Of course, almond butter is always irresistible to me. Anywayyyy, this looks very good, but I think you missed an opportunity to put Figgy Pudding in the title. 😉

    I don’t know how you work those hours and on your feet all that time, missy. My hat is off to retail folks like you!

    Chaz is the man for making gf teriyaki salmon! That sounds divine, Debi. 🙂


    • Figgy Pudding is being saved for later, Shirley. 😉 Pecan butter sounds MUCH better though. Some times, I don’t know how I do it either. I just go, go, go! When Chaz asked me how the salmon was, I replied, “Hot damn!” It was THAT good. Glad he made enough for lunch tomorrow!

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