Guest Post: Trailblazing With Tenacity

If you haven’t heard by now, May is Celiac Awareness Month.  In honor of this month, my friend Andrea (Rockin’ Gluten-free) is doing an A-Z celebration of Celiac (and gluten intolerance).  She asked me to be a part of it and I enthusiastically said yes.  I got to meet her in person while we were at the Gluten and Allergy-free Expo last month.  After all the craziness was over we really got to sit and talk for a bit to get to know each other better.  What do we have in common besides a pesky diagnosis?  Our love of rock music.  Since she’s from the Chicago area, she’s a fellow Hammerhead.  If you don’t know what a Hammerhead is, you need to check out the band, Lovehammers.  Great local band.

Go to Andrea’s blog and check out my post on Trailblazing With Tenacity.  What does that mean?  GO READ AND FIND OUT!


  1. Love that you put the Trees video on here! Thanks again for doing a guest post on my site! It is awesome. 🙂 Hope to see a Lovehammers show with you in the very near future too!!

    • Thanks again for asking me to do a post. I really enjoyed doing it. 😀 Trees is one of my favorite Lovehammers songs. I almost put up Heavy Crown, but that’s too heavy for a lighthearted post.. hehe I can’t wait until we can go to a show together, too! It’ll be so much fun.

  2. Thanks Hunter, for the video of Trees performed by the Lovehammers! I totally love their music which includes all their classics like Trees and especially everything on their Heavy Crown CD. Always sweet to find other Hammerheads online!

    • You’re welcome, Kat! I love their music, too. So glad Marty was on Rock Star: INXS so I could become a fan. 😀 One day maybe we can all go to a show together! Andrea’s working me to get me up there for one. lol

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