A few weeks before diagnosed with hypothyroidism at my heaviest, 155

We have an obsession with weight.  There are disorders in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistics Manual) dedicated to weight disorders.  There are chronic medical conditions caused by obesity.  We go on fad diet after fad diet to lose weight.  We load up on protein to gain muscle weight and mass.

I have OCD tendencies.  I will focus on numbers and counting at times, but not everything.  When I’ve gained weight in the past, I will focus on those numbers on the scale.  I would weigh myself and then beat myself up over not losing anything or gaining.  It was all about the numbers.

What I’ve learned in the last 2 years is that while the numbers do matter in the long run, they really don’t matter as far as regaining your health.

The last 2 years I’ve spent focusing on my health and not the numbers that pop up on the scale when I step on it because I am aware of my obsession and compulsion with numbers and counting.  Shifting my focus has made all the difference in my change.  Focusing on my overall health and living healthier gave me the side benefit of a slow weight loss without trying.  Slow weight loss is more beneficial to helping you keep off the weight than rapid weight loss.

I’ve lost 21 pounds in the last year and a half since I started making significant changes to improve my overall health.   There is still more I’d like to lose.  At least 9 more pounds.   That will come as my health keeps changing for the better.   I have the patience to let it come as it will.