Healthy and Happy

I am a firm believer that when you are down, the only way for you to go is up.  When you fall, you have to get up.  Up.  Up. Up.

I knew that the only worse I could get was dead when I was at my absolute lowest 2 years ago.  Crawling into bed and staying there right after getting home from work.  Staying in bed on the weekends.  Yes, I lived in bed because I had no energy for anything else and the pain of standing was unbearable.

Deep down I knew that the absolute worst would be dead.  That meant if I was still on top of the Earth the only way was up.

I was never meant to stay down.  That was something I learned from uncles that picked on me, but still told me I could be anything I wanted to be.   I can and do get knocked down all the time by different things, but I pick myself up and keep going.  I’m a fighter.  That’s part of who I am.

Once Western medicine couldn’t give me the answers I was looking for, I tossed convention aside and slowly started climbing my way back up with alternative medicine and good old-fashioned healthy diet.  Meaning no refined or processed foods.  I kept steadily climbing as I discovered gluten to be the culprit and banished it forever.

I am up.  I know it’s a long fall down.  If happen to fall, I’ll dust myself off and start climbing again.

Just before hypothyroidism hit hard



  1. Beautiful post, Debi! We all want to be (and should be) up, and shouldn’t accept anything that keeps us from being “there.” So happy you are UP now!

    See you soon, dear! xo,

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