Jamie Oliver brought his Food Revolution to the U.S. after I changed my diet to a whole foods diet.  I embraced the Revolution as a long time follower of Jamie Oliver.  He did some amazing things in Britain, not just with school lunches, but also with at-risk youth.

I know some people are commenting that he’s only doing this for TV with the start of the second season.  I have a feeling that those people have not followed him from his humble beginnings as The Naked Chef.  He’s not out for attention and laurels.  Jamie just happens to be in the spotlight.  He’s using his standing in the community to spread his passion.  Healthy eating.

Sure, I don’t always agree with him on things like needing milk.  But, I do agree with him about getting flavored milk out of the school.  I agree with getting as much of the processed foods out of the schools as possible.

Change has to happen.  People can disagree with him all they want.  They can hate him.  They can fight him like some of the people he went up against in the first season.  But, the overall health of this young nation can’t get better without change.   The Food Revolution is just small part of the change that needs to happen.  There are people in communities throughout the U.S. doing this same thing and he features them on his website.

I just find it amazing that Jamie, along with others throughout the U.S. are trying to do a good thing and they get more criticism than all the fad diets that come out.  Juice diet?  Yeah, let’s go!  Atkins?  Sign me up!  South Beach?  I’m in!  Weight Watchers?  I can count points!  Fad diets prey on our insecurities and desire to lose the weight we gained being so unhealthy.

Talk about changing to fresh, whole foods and people get in an uproar over change.  Don’t take my pizza away!  Have seen what your pizza has done to you and millions of other Americans?  There was a time when diabetes and heart disease was rare.  Now, it plagues families and family members who don’t have it wonder when it will hit them.  People who don’t appear unhealthy acquire cancer and family members are stumped because there is no family history of cancer.  The foods we buy in packages all ready for us to just heat up is making us sick.  The sugars in our drinks is making us sick.

We need this Revolution to continue.  We need to stop being complacent and accept change.  Jamie isn’t telling us what we’re doing is wrong.  He’s telling us we can do it better.