Me and my nephew playing in car seats during the height of my illness

We’ve all experienced nausea.  Well, most of us at least.  I really had no idea that a lot of my chronic diagnoses were related to a hypothyroid until 2 years ago.  Or that my hypothyroid was caused by gluten until a year ago.  

Irritable Bowl Syndrome and Dysmenorrhea have been a source of a lot of nausea through my life.  I was not diagnosed with IBS until 2000 and Dysmenorrhea, well that’s plagued me since my teen years.  There were many days I left school nauseated to the point of nearly tossing what little was in my tummy.  

I went on the pill for a while, which helped all the Dysmenorrhea symptoms.  Life moved on and I felt semi-normal.  I stopped taking the pill over a year and half ago to help with my thyroid function.  All that extra estrogen hijacks the thyroid receptors.  Bye-bye pill.  Hello painful cramps and nausea again.  

So what’s a woman to do?  Well, there are all kinds of medications out there.  You can find nearly an entire aisle dedicated to the things that help with nausea and other gastrointestinal issues.  Then there’s the well-known Midol and Pamprin for all things PMS.  Are they gluten-free?  I have no idea.  Do I take them?  Not anymore.

While we were in California for Christmas and Papa’s memorial service in 2004, I had a huge bout of nausea coupled with hot flashes (those two seem to go together for me a lot) after dinner one night.  I was doubled over Auntie Boogie’s dining room table trying to read and she finally made me take some pineapple and papaya enzymes from Trader Joe’s.  I felt like nothing had ever bothered me after 15 minutes.  I was back to joking around with everyone.  I try to keep pineapple and papaya enzymes on hand for the now rare occasions.  

Mint.  That also helps me.  Especially during that time of the month.  I have some mixed up with another oil for that special time and just massage it into my abs and sometimes my back.  Mint can also help with cramping, which is why I use it.  Not just those monthly cramps either.  Those pesky IBS type cramps, too.  The I-feel-like-my-instestines-are-turning-them-inside-out-and-you-can-hear-it cramps.  Calms it down in just a few minutes better than any pill can do.  It doesn’t matter the type of mint essential oil you use.  It can be peppermint or spearmint.  Wintergreen will also work.  If you don’t have the oil, but have some fresh leaves, you can use them in a tea.  Or just eat it straight.  Nothing wrong with that.  

The IBS associated nausea really isn’t a problem.  It’s that other pesky once-a-month nausea that plagues me.  I try to keep that bottle of oils with me when I knew it’s coming, but for some reason this month I didn’t.  Sunday, I was near the point of passing out from nausea, dizziness, and overheating at work.  I had to chill out in our back room cooler.  Seriously.  It was the only way for me to feel like my whole body was on fire and to calm the nausea down.  I didn’t have the cramps so I didn’t realize until later that night what it was.  Silly body played tricks on me!  

Nausea might try to bring me down, but it will never beat me!