Kiwi, Carambola, and Orange


I did a lot of juicing for a few months after changing to a whole foods diet in December 2009.  I went crazy with the juice.  I threw just about everything in the juicer together.  Beets, carrots, spinach, apples, grapes, oranges, berries.   I did this mostly in the morning to make sure I got an array of vitamins and minerals.  It was like my multi-vitamin.

Then I started experimenting.  Just a few fruits at a time mostly.  Single fruits.  Orange.  Apple.  Grape.  Then dual combinations like apple carrot.  All superior by far to anything you buy bottled, boxed, or frozen in concentrate.


Fresh juice


I came up with the kiwi, carambola (aka star fruit), and orange combination one afternoon and it is still my favorite fun combination.  It’s light and each of the fruits compliments the others.  It’s also has a Springtime feel to it.  Well, to me at least.  I mean, look at those colors.  Don’t those sing Spring to you?

Orange Kiwi Caramabola Juice

1 orange, peeled

1 kiwi

1/2 -1 carambola

Place all ingredients into a juicer and turn juice them together.  Serve immediately.  Makes 5 or more ounces depending on the size of your fruit.

Save your orange peels!  You can either make this delicious Candied Orange Peel by Amy Green or you can use them to clean your disposal and make your kitchen smell like oranges at the same time.  The essential oils of the orange peel are released in the disposal to help disinfect the disposal and the toughness of the peel helps keep the blades sharp.  You can also use lime and lemon peels for this.