Gluten & Allergy-free Expo


New look if you haven't seen me yet without my long locks


There’s a big thing coming up at the end of the month.  I’m really excited about it, especially after all the mulling I did over whether or not to go.

It’s the Gluten & Allergy-free Expo in Chicago.

Shirley Braden at gluten-free easily made me aware of it last year and encouraged me to attend.   Several months later, Brittany Angell at Real Sustenance asked if I was going and told me she was.

I thought and thought.  Chaz and I had a few conversations that never ended with a decision.  Finally, a couple of months ago I told him we needed to decide.  Do or die time.  He opened up the website and started checking everything out.

The one big bummer is I can’t attend both Shirley’s and Amy’s (Green at Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free) presentations.   But, I at least get to meet 2 of the gf bloggers I’ve been following the longest along with a ton of other gf bloggers I follow or at least have read once.  In fact, the authors of 3 of my gf cookbooks will be there.

Chaz asked me last week or the week before if the excitement of the Expo was dying down.  I just gave him my are-you-kidding-me? look.  If anything, the fervor is increasing.  Everyone in the gf blogosphere is posting the links to the Expo daily.  They are blogging about it (yep, I jumped on the bandwagon).  I told Brittany today that it’s like gf blogger Mecca.  Not everyone will be there, but enough will be there that I know I’ll be overwhelmed at first.  It’s a good thing that the first day we’re there it is just the Vendor Fair and not the presentations.

You would think that after being gluten-free for 13 months now, that I would feel like I know all I need to know.  Reading Danna Korn’s Living Gluten-Free  for Dummies 6 months ago taught me that I still know nothing.   This is my chance to learn at the feet of people who have done this a lot longer than me.

If you want to know even more than the website offers, check Shirley’s post on Five Things You Need to Know.


Me and Dr. Cuz

One more thing I’m excited for that weekend.  I get to see my Dr. Cuz!  She’s the cousin I’ve mentioned a few times and the one I keep updated on my health.  I love her to death!