Banana Pancakes


Banana Pancakes


Stick made a suggestion that I could do a Health centered A to Z on here for the A to Z Blog Challenge rather than just do whatever on Chocolate Wasteland.  Call me crazy but I’ll attempt to do both.

I figured my adoption post could serve as my A.  This left me wondering what to do for B.  I wondered as much publicly on Facebook when Carrie at Ginger Lemon Girl suggested bananas.  That got me thinking since I was already thinking about breakfast.  Which was really interesting when I saw Hallie’s recent blog for her Build A Better Breakfast Challenge.  Breakfast truly is the most important meal of the day.  It’s a time for you to get your body’s tank on full and prepare it for the rest of the day.  You wouldn’t drive your car on empty all day, would you?  Eating a hearty wholesome breakfast will give you an edge on that snack monster that creeps up on you.  The better your breakfast is balanced and gets you full, the less you’ll want to snack through the day.  Well, unless you burn a lot of calories at work like I do.

I have bananas on the counter that I bought to make Iris’ Gluten-free Banana Chocolate Bread.  I love bananas and chocolate.  I even had a chocolate cake with banana filling for my 16th birthday.

Then I realized that Carrie’s Basic Gluten-free Pancake recipe is super easy.  I mean SUPER easy.  What could be better than banana pancakes.  Right?


First bite


I added some cinnamon in with the dry ingredients, subbed raw local honey for the sugar and then added sliced bananas after the batter was mixed.

The pancakes are thin but light and fluffy.  I don’t think I added enough cinnamon.  I need more cinnamon next time.  And maybe some chocolate chunks or raw cacao.  Or even cacao nibs.  Yeah….

Bananas are so versatile in baking.  Excellent for adding a bit of sweetness to your smoothies.  Full of potassium for your body.

Yes, I know there are some people out there that do not like bananas.  All I have to say is, you are missing out!  For those of you who can’t have bananas, it’s not the only fruit that goes well with pancakes!  Enter Mr. Blueberry….

Yes, next time I will have to make blueberry pancakes.

Ever heard a song about banana pancakes?  No?  Well, you should!  One of my favorite singer/songwriters wrote one several years ago and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him perform it live.  Nothing quite like it.