Adopt-A-Gluten-Free-Blogger: Ginger Lemon Girl

Gluten-Free Vegan Crusty Bread

I’ve been wanting to adopt Carrie for months now, but every time I try, someone else has snapped her up.  If you know Carrie, you know why she’s so popular.  She makes good -free foods easy for the rest of us.  I’m still wanting to try her Gluten-free, Grain-free Peanut Butter Cupcakes and her Basic Gluten-free Pancakes.

I found Carrie about a year ago around the same time I started following Amy, Iris, and Shirley.  So, when I think of Carrie, I think of her being one of my top four that I went to often to look up recipes.  Carrie is a wonderful support and a great go-to with questions.  She even offered to consult with Stick over the phone or Skype when Stick was doing a gf trial for her son with Autism and was having difficulty making gf bread.  The trial didn’t last too long since he seemed to get worse off the gluten, so no more gf for them.  I was just touched she would offer that to someone she didn’t even know.

Freshly cut

Carrie was also one of the first gf bloggers I followed on Facebook.  I loved the questions she asked daily about what was on our menu or what we were having for lunch.

She is also the one who encouraged me to explore Indian an Thai food more.  I’ve become a more adventuresome eater and cook thanks to her.

This Gluten-Free Vegan Crusty Bread is something I’ve been wanting to make since Carrie teased us on Facebook with pictures.  When she finally posted the recipe, I was in the throes of packing for our move and couldn’t make it.  I printed it off and set it aside with other recipes that I intended to fix.  And here I am, 6 months later.  At least I finally made it!  I know other bloggers have made this bread for their adoption posts.  What’s the harm in one more singing her praise at an awesome bread?

This is how awesome it is.  Before it was even done baking, I was craving it.  The aroma was divine.  The little kid in me wanted to remove it from the oven and just tear in to it.  When I finally took it out and set it on the rack to cool, I still wanted to tear in to it.  I tried to sit down and focus on watching a DVD I had picked up from the library that morning  No such luck.  I held out for 15 minutes and I had to go in for a sneak.  I tore off a little piece on the end of one of the loaves.  This was pure heaven.  Ambrosia if you will.

Gluten-free Vegan Crusty Bread with Spanish Olive Hummus and Raw Veggies on the side

I took myself off for a bubble bath to let it cool more.  Otherwise, I would have stood there and eaten an entire loaf.  Good thing the recipe makes 2 loaves!

When I returned a little more sane, I slathered some of my Spanish Olive Hummus on a couple of slices and enjoyed them with some raw veggies on the side.

While eating dinner, I was thinking about how good it would be with eggs.  Yes, you know me.  And, if you know Carrie, you know how much she loves eggs.  We bonded over our love of eggs.  So the following morning I did it.

Gluten-free Vegan Crusty Bread with Eggs Over Easy and sautéed Onions, Peppers, and Radish Greens

The bread was just as good the next morning and I left it on the counter.  I didn’t even toast it!  It was a great vehicle to sop up the runny yolk.  Mmmmm.

If you aren’t following Carrie, check out her blog.  Even if you aren’t eating gluten-free, she has a lot of wonderful recipes made with whole foods.  I’ve tried many of them!

Gluten-free Black Bean and Butternut Squash Chili

Her Gluten-free Black Bean and Butternut Squash Chili is great comfort food and easy to make.

See?  What’s not to love about Carrie?