My Goofy Valentine

Gluten-free Chicken Cacciatore with Against The Grain Gluten-free Baguette made & photographed by Chaz

I know I said I wasn’t going to do a Valentine’s post.  Okay, well it’s not a Valentine’s post about special Valentine’s Day food.

It’s a post dedicated to my Valentine.  (insert assorted awwws or “gag me” noises here)

You’ve seen me write about my husband.  I share funny quotes or conversations we have.  I’ve even shared a few of pictures of him in some posts.  I’m going to give you a name to go by for him that is not his real name but he loves the name.  Chaz.  He especially loves when you draw out the “a” to make it Chaaaaaaaaz.  It’s the name he uses when he plays in Second Life and it’s the name that Silly Sissy’s kids use for him…”Uncle Chaz.”  Although, her daughter changes it to something like “Schaz.”  She got pretty attached to Chaz and when he disappeared while we were at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, she asked where he was.  Well, instead of telling her Uncle Chaz went to go smoke, I told her he was having “Chaz time.”  The following video is a replay of her question to us about when he was coming back.

All joking aside, I got real lucky with Chaz.  He’s one of the few men that isn’t intimidated by my strong, independent, tomboyish-one-minute-girly-the next, don’t-tell-me-I-can’t-do-it-because-I’ll-prove-you-wrong personality.  Most men just didn’t know what to do when they really get to know me.  He is strong enough to put his foot down hard enough for me to pay attention, when we’re not both being bull-headed.

Sure I might have to send him texts from work the nights I close to give him his “hunny-do list” because he’ll forget about the trash, the mail, what is for dinner, and cleaning out the dishwasher even if he tells me I don’t have to write him a note.  (He joked about not liking me having the technology to text him a hunny-do list.  I joked back that he’s the one that bought me the technology.  Ah.  Gotta love it.)


Early Valentine's present to cheer me up


He’s not perfect, but I’ve always said he’s perfect for me.  He knows what I need and takes cares of it.  From waiting on me hand and food after surgeries or in the midst of my health crisis 2 years ago to making me laugh when I’m nothing but frowns.  What other husband can actually put up with a wife’s minor Twilight obsession and actually read the entire series to understand it?  And yes, I love Twilight.  My former naturopath encouraged me to read the series since we have similar tastes in books and movies.  His sons got him to read the series.  So, Twilight is not just a female thing.  Men get it, too.

Saturday afternoon I was pretty grumpy, sleep deprived, and not looking forward to going to work.  Chaz left the living room and came back with his hands cupped together.  What did he have?  Those Twilight Sweethearts with the wolves on the package.  (What?  Where’s Edward?)  He gave them to me early to cheer me up before work.  It’s little things like that.  Of course, upon reading the allergen warning I discover that I can’t partake of my treat because it was produced in a facility that produces wheat.  He missed that.  He is learning though and I love him for that.  However, since he missed it, he got pissed off and upset because he bought me something I couldn’t have.  I told him it was the thought that counts.  That didn’t help.  He got more and more pissed off and it just made me laugh.  I don’t know why, but sometimes when he gets like that it’s funny for me.  So, he pointed out when he wants to cheer me up he has to either act goofy or get pissed off.

Last night, he made some Gluten-free Chicken Cacciatore while I was at work for dinner and left me a small portion.  Sometimes when I work the closing shift, I come home ravenous from all the physical work.  See, he knows what I need.

We both agreed at the beginning that this would be it.  No returns.  No exchanges.  No refunds.  May will be our 13th anniversary and it’s hard to fathom that it’s been that long since we said, “I do.”  We have our disagreements (in which we agree that we disagree), an occasional argument, a rare fight, and the odd shouting match (thanks hypothyroid!).  Marriage is so much better when you focus on the positive and leave the negative where it should be once it’s worked through.

There are a million or more reasons why I love Chaz.  If you ask why, I’m likely to say, “I don’t know.  I just do.”

And isn’t that enough?