Adopt-A-Gluten-Free Blogger: Real Sustenance

Easy Ginger and Garlic Beef Stir-Fry

It’s my one year blogoversary.  Or is it blogiversary?  Does it really matter since it’s a made-up word?  Probably not…

I’m digressing.

I was trying to figure out a nice little celebration post.  You know, something to say, “Hey, a year ago I started this blogging journey to share my story and share information with whoever thought I was interesting enough to pay attention to.”  Yeah.

Then I realized, why not celebrate by sharing about another blogger and new friend?  That’s it!

I don’t even remember how Brittany (Real Sustenance) and I became friends.  Either she saw a comment I made on someone else’s blog or Facebook page and sent me a friend request or one of our wonderful mutual friends sent me a friend suggestion.  However it happened, I’m glad that it did.  Brittany is like a force of nature to me.  I picture this bubbly personality, vibrant, on-the-go.  At least that’s what I see in my mind when I see her Facebook statuses and read her blogs.  She wasn’t even going to let a pesky little thing like having a gall bladder keep her from the kitchen.  This woman has serious GIRL POWER.  I wish had had just a fraction of that GIRL POWER when I had my gall bladder removed.

I had high hopes to make 4 of her recipes this month.  Yes, 4.  I gave Shirley that much time and love.  So I figured the following adoptee deserved that much time and love, too.  It didn’t happen.  I did make 2 and I still have plans to make the other 2 later on.  I’ve tried to catch up on life.  Meaning, finally getting around to make order of this chaos in the wake of our move…3 1/2 months ago.  Yes, I still have chaos.  On the bright side, I made enough progress yesterday in the dining room that my husband said, “Who stole all our shit?” when he finally noticed.  Not even a, “Looks wonderful, Babe.”  Just, “Who stole all our shit?”

I’m digressing again.

First up was the Easy Ginger and Garlic Beef Stir-fry pictured above.  The “Easy” lives up to its name.  I prepped everything before my daily bubble bath and let the meat marinade while I marinated.  It was pretty tasty.  I took easy to a new level though.  I bought pre-cut beef for stew.  I should have trimmed it more so it would absorb more marinade and cook faster.  Not that it didn’t cook fast.  I just think the larger pieces didn’t have the flavor they could have.  Or maybe I’m just a ginger snob and felt like I should have had more ginger in it.  Blame my Filipino genes.  I certainly do.

Chicken Tamale Soup

Next up was Brittany’s Chicken Tamale Soup.  All I have to say is, pure genius!  It’s a great deconstruction of a tamale.  Even smells like it while it simmers.  The avocado slices, fresh cilantro, and tortilla chips were great toppers/accompaniments to the soup.  I meant to add cheese on top, as well, but I think the excitement of the avocado distracted me and I forgot all about the cheese until after we were done eating.  It tasted just fine without cheese.

Will I make these again?  Hell yeah!  I already have them in my gluten-free recipe binder for future use/reference.  Especially that soup.  I have a feeling it shall appear on the dinner table again before the Winter is over.

1 of the recipes I keep putting off making because life is getting in the way is her Chocolate Pear Coffee Cake with Hazelnut Streusel.  She had me at chocolate.  And pear.  And coffee cake.  Ah hell, and hazelnut streusel.  I did grind up the hazelnuts yesterday for the streusel.  I was going to make yesterday, but I was working on the dining room (and dinner) for 2 straight hours.  No break.  I realized I had to stop and give my body a huge break since the last 2 days at work were rough.  I don’t need to be dead on my feet tomorrow, too, or I’ll be calling in dead.

I also want to try her Coconut Quick Bread.  My husband loves coconut.  I guess I really just want to make a gluten-free baked item that he can’t stop eating.

I hope everyone checks out Brittany’s blog and gets to know her.  She’s a really wonderful friend to have.  I’m not just saying that either.  Her spunk and charisma make me smile on those days when I come home from work utterly exhausted.  Oh, and definitely check out Seasonal Sundays on her blog.  Lots of link ups to check out great seasonal dishes!


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  2. What an awesome way to celebrate your blogiversary or the second birthday of Hunter’s Lyonesse! 😉 It’s so funny and sometimes difficult to try to remember how we met folks who become our true blogging buddies. I know I met Brittany on Twitter. We were waxing poetic on our love of all things pumpkin and she had just started her blog. Both the dishes that you made of Brittany’s look wonderful. I love the idea of the chicken tamale soup! Now your other two choices for the future sound divine, too. Will be checking those out for sure. 🙂

    Didn’t know that Brittany recently had her gall bladder out. Or that you had had yours out (I don’t think anyway). Did you know that gall bladder issues are a sign of gluten intolerance/celiac? Any organ issues can be really. The previous medical advisor to the larger GIG group I belong to said appendicitis is often the first major symptom, but clearly unrecognized.

    Happy Blogiversary again, Debi! Hope you’re going to celebrate in some other fashion, too, and not one that involves unpacking. 😉

    Thanks for sharing Brittany with us! I’m already a fan. 🙂


    • Shirley, Brittany and I have definitely had our moments of sharing our love of the same foods, too. 😀

      I can’t remember when exactly it was for her but it was within the last 2 months. I had mine removed several years ago, but had a much slower recovery than Brittany. I do remember asking you about the connection between gluten intolerance/celiac and gall bladder issues way back when I first started following you. 😀 Wish I had known that all those years ago before going under the knife!

      I did have a little self celebration today…it included a massage and a new hairdo. 😀


  3. I am SO lucky to have a friend like you that would take the time to try several recipes and to further take the time to write this incredibly kind Post.

    I remember how we met! We had already somehow been friends on facebook and I posted a status in regards to my gallbladder surgery.. and that was quite frustrated about being stuck in bed. You commented and our conversation continued forever 🙂

    And as far as the girl power goes. Debi you lack none of that!! I have just found that cooking is my ultimate happiness in life- and as long as Im doing it everything else feels right. It took me forever to figure out what would create so much joy for me- so now that I know I have latched on for dear life 🙂 It has been such a gift meeting like minded individuals. (Especially you!)

    Shirley- you were the very very first Blogger that I ever met. And for that you will always be special! You were so supportive and gave me so many ideas 🙂 Eternally grateful.

    Oh and I had my gallbladder out mid- november. Just recently found out it was highly inflamed and hyper-active. Do not miss it!
    That surgery feels like eons ago!! 🙂

    Happy 1 year!! Cheers to many years, Delicious and Creative recipes to come!


    • Brittany, if you had posted that recipe for that cake before this, I would have eked out a little more time to make it. I have not had cake in over a year and it looks absolutely fabulous! I can bet I’ll be making it once you post the recipe. 😀

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