Can’t Stop Eating

Chicken Marsala with Mushroom Gravy, Brown Rice, & Coriander Kabocha

Have you ever experimented with making something, then when it came time to sit down and enjoy the food of your labor you just wanted to inhale it?  I did that a few weeks ago.  I was wanting some mushroom gravy and I wanted to use up some Marsala cooking wine we had.  I browned some chicken, added 1/2 cup Marsala cooking wine and 1/2 cup homemade chicken broth and let it simmer.  When the chicken was done, I removed it and added sliced onions and mushrooms, threw in some cornstarch and added 1/2 cup more chicken stock and let it simmer.

The result was something so good I wanted more and more and more.  I had extra gravy after packing up the leftovers for lunches and used it the next few days for breakfast.

Leftovers for breakfast

Breakfast?  Yes, breakfast.  Some of my best breakfasts have been leftovers topped with eggs.  May sound silly to you, but it breaks up the breakfast monotony for me.  I heated up the leftovers (minus the chicken) while I fixed an egg over easy.  I put the rice in topped it with the egg, added the kabocha around and then topped all of it with the gravy.  It turned out something akin to Loco Moco, a local dish in Hawai`i of rice, hamburger patty, and egg over easy smothered in beef gravy.  The best part of that breakfast (and Loco Moco) is the co-mingling of the gravy with the runny egg yolk as it runs through the rice.  Call me crazy, but I love it.  It’s like comfort food Island-style for me.

I was so in love with this that I decided to make it again last night.  It didn’t turn out quite the same, but it was still delicious.  I think I missed something from my original experiment and since I didn’t write everything down, I don’t remember what else I did.  I also had a different batch of chicken broth, which may have messed with the end result.  I’m going to keep playing with it until I get it right.  There is nothing like finding something you love and turning it into a signature.



  1. I totally know what you mean. Sometimes, I will throw something together, then try to recreate it again because it was so good the first time, but not quite getting it the same the next time. However, for breakfast, I have finally perfected omelets. Caramelizing onions, precooking other vegi’s, and some other breakfast meats like country sausage, ham, or bacon.

    What you created sounds wonderful, I may need to take a stab at it on an upcoming weekend morning.

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