A New Chapter

Yesterday was moving day.  We woke up later than we intended and I found myself in a flurry of activity to make sure those last minute things to pack were packed.  I thought I would still be packing as the movers were loading the truck.  Instead, I was standing there watching them fly in and out and up and down the stairs.  My friends and family reading this that know me well know how hard it was for me to just watch.  I have too much of my Granny in me.  They had the truck ready to go in under 2 hours.  If you’ve visited, you know how much stuff we have.  Under 2 hours was a feat in my book.  I don’t think we could have done that with 3 friends.  They didn’t even stop to take a break, except for a drink of water here and there.  My husband helped unload the truck, which took them under an hour to do.  Later on, he confessed that he had a hard time keeping up with them.  I won’t even mention his comments about them moving the massive entertainment center we tried to get rid of before the move.

I have to give the guys at Edward Neutz Sons & Daughters Moving.  It says JD Taylor on the website, but they are the same company.  I found that out when getting the quotes.  Nathan was honest, precise, and efficient with his quote.  Andrew, Danny, Gary, and Gary worked tirelessly.  Not to mention, Gary and Gary spent 2 hours driving up in the truck.  It’s not easy to move around after that much time sitting in a vehicle.

Plug done.

Now that we are in a new home in a new city, the grind begins.  It feels a little daunting sitting here on a wooden folding surrounded by stacked boxes, furniture that still needs to be placed, and a kitchen in complete disarray.  I know it will get done.  Eventually.  Right now, I’m enjoying being under the same roof with my husband instead of one of us having to drive back and forth every weekend to see each other.

In a day and age where people enjoy routine and want the status quo day in and day out, I welcome change.  I open my arms and embrace it.  Yes, the known is easy to deal with and predict.  Change brings challenge and growth.  While I wish we moved back to Hawai`i instead of Ohio, it is an opportunity and could be a potential stepping stone to move back to Hawai`i.  Part of the challenge for me is to find a job.  I’m putting that career path behind me and getting a job where I can go in, work hard, then leave without taking stress home with me.  I want to live this healthy life I’ve gained back and not watch it fly by because I’m too stressed from a career that will only serve to sabotage my healthy lifestyle.

I think we miss out when we resist change.  I can’t even count how many times people complain to me about change.  It’s not bad, but part of me wants to reach out, shake them, and shout, “Wake up!  Opportunity wants you to open the door!”  Even little changes throw people into a tizzy.  How many times have you been on Facebook after they made a change and then complained about it on your status?  About 70% of the posts on my feed after a change are from people who don’t like the change simply because it’s different.  Once they get used to it, they move on and things are fine until the next change.

When I was a Case Manager, change was inevitable.  Things were always changing.  Regulations changed.  Clients changed.  Co-workers changed.  This was where I really learned to manage change.  I complained like everyone else at first, especially when regulations were changing every 6 months.  It did nothing to complain though.  Eventually, I just went with it.  Another set of regs to read and learn?  Okay.  Then there were well laid plans for the day that would get thrown away when a client or two (or three or four) went into crisis.

Change really is inevitable in life.  Jobs change.  We move.  Friends come in and out of our lives.  Loved ones pass away.  I mark a lot of big changes as a new chapter in my life story.  A new chapter starts now.