When Life Throws You A Lemon

We are in the middle of moving from Louisville, Kentucky, to Cincinnati, Ohio.  We signed the lease on our new place on Friday and moved everything from my husband’s place up there on Saturday.  While we waited for a friend to help us, I turned on my laptop.  I heard the familiar start up whirs, then they stopped.  Nothing came up on the screen.  The LED light on the power button stayed on.  After multiple tries to turn it on, it only got worse.  My husband took the battery out and put it back in to see if it would restart.  Nothing.  The LED light wouldn’t even stay on.  He perused some sites to troubleshoot and found something other than what he already did.  He methodically followed the suggestions and finally looked at me and said, “Dude.  Your Dell is dead.”

Normally, I might have looked for the nearest object to throw at him, but I had to laugh.  Despite the gravity of the situation, it was funny.  Funniness aside, I beat myself up over not backing files up to my external drive like I know I should.  I do have some backed up, but not everything on my hard drive is backed up.  Namely, my many dozens of gigs of music, my novel, a guest blog post that was nearly done, and digital scrapbook files.  Life chucked a lemon at me.

Lemon, anyone?

My husband assures me we can retrieve the needed files, but it won’t be this week and maybe not next.  I was willing to just have the motherboard replaced, but my husband said it would be better to just get a new laptop.  Then, my worry was needing to order what I wanted.  I didn’t even know what I wanted since I was expecting to replace my laptop anytime soon.

Sunday, we went to Gorman Heritage Farm’s Sunflower Festival.  It was our first time at the farm and I took my time taking pictures and checking everything out while my husband held the camera bag.

Sunflowers at Gorman Heritage Farm

Later, we went to look at laptops at Best Buy.  I went in with no expectations.  I still really didn’t know what I wanted other than a laptop with an excellent graphics card, as much RAM as possible, and LOTS of memory.  Looking at all the laptops had me a bit confused.  I was still trying to figure it all out when I finally pulled out my cell phone and Googled something like “Best Gaming Laptops.”  I went to a site that listed the top 5 and sure enough, the #1 laptop was one the store carried.  Alrighty.  I dragged my husband over to the demo and he pulled up all the system information.  Sure enough.  It met the 3 things I wanted.  Not only that, my husband said the company manufactures most of the processors for computers.  After some checking, the salesman told us they didn’t have any in stock, but another store did.  Heck, if I could have the laptop that day, I would prefer that to waiting weeks for it.  We pre-paid for it and had it put on hold, then headed over.

So, yes.  Life threw me a lemon.  Yes, I whined momentarily.  Then, I focused on what I could do and not what I lost.

I cut it in half...

...stuffed one half in a chicken with rosemary, onion, apples, and garlic...

...and used the other half to make lemonade.

I don’t have access to the files on my old laptop, yet.  I won’t be getting the iJoy for my birthday like my husband planned.  But, I do have a new laptop which gives me access to the world…