I Can’t Find The Recipe…

Getting started

Have you ever decided you wanted to make something after seeing a recipe online?  Then when it came time to make it, you couldn’t find it?  Picture me perplexed Saturday afternoon trying to make lunch without being able to find the recipe I thought I found Thursday.  Notice I say “thought.”  I very well could have conceived of the idea in my head on my own during all my blog reading on Thursday.  That can be one of the drawbacks of following so many blogs.  Information overload.

Hoping for the best

I knew I wanted to make pizza with the butternut squash I got from the CSA last week.  I also knew I wanted to use some leftovers up, as well as throw some kind of non-animal protein on there.  I say non-animal because my husband is doing a 3 week vegan diet.  All my cooking over the weekend while he was home was vegan except for my eggs for breakfast.

Mashed Butternut Squash Gluten-Free Pizza

I was quite pleased with how it turned out.  I even got a resounding, “It’s good” from my husband.   It was my first time using Katz Gluten-free Pizza Crusts and I was in love.  It’s just as good as their breads.  While there was no real measuring going, I’ll tell you how I put the pizza together.  It will make four pizzas using Katz’s crusts.

Preheat oven to 350.  Halve, roast, and mash a butternut squash.  Mix in salt and cumin with the squash.  Lay out pizza crusts onto an oiled cookie or jelly roll sheet.   Top and spread mashed squash onto the crusts.  Top with black beans, sliced onions, roasted eggplant, and sliced tomato.  Bake for 10 minutes.

I had one pizza and ate it with my hands.  My husband had two and ate the first one with this hands, then the second with a knife and fork.  He wanted to be able to enjoy the eggplant and tomato with the pizza more since it tended to pull when we bit into it.  You could add some cheese to help keep that from happening.  I have enough to make one more and when I do, I’m going to broil it instead of bake it.  I was wanting a little more of a char on the tomato to bring out the sweetness of it.

Sometimes, not finding the recipe can be a good thing!



    • I wish I could say it was original, Carrie. But, when I was looking for the “recipe,” a ton of other recipes came up when I searched for “butternut squash pizza.” It was VERY yummy. I had the last one for lunch today. I put it in the toaster oven on broil first, then baked it. the toppings got nice and mellow while the crust got crispy.

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