On Hand Experimentation

Breakfast Baked Potato

I like to experiment now and then.  Those of you who do the same know that sometimes you hit a jackpot and sometimes you hit the step on the garbage can to open the lid.  The one nice thing about my husband working in Cincinnati during the week is I can experiment and if I have one of those latter moments, no one ever has to know.

We are getting about a pound of potatoes weekly from our CSA.  I don’t fix potatoes much anymore since I’m trying to moderate my starchy vegetables.  I shredded a potato one morning for hash browns.  That night I was thinking about breakfast the next morning and realized that we are accustomed to hash browns or home fries for breakfast.  What if I had a baked potato and topped it with other breakfast items?  Yeah, I went to bed hungry that night just thinking about it.

The next morning, I scrubbed a small potato and nuked it.  I felt a little bad about that since I’ve been successful with avoiding microwaving my food lately.   I needed it done fast and I wasn’t able to bake it the night before.   While that was in the microwave, I cooked 2 eggs over easy.   I wanted that yolk to break and seep into the potato.  Before my gluten-free days, I would poach an egg with my saimin (that’s ramen for all you non-Hawai`i folks reading this) and break the yolk over the noodles.  That was one of my comfort foods.  Then there is the local dish, loco moco  – rice topped with a hamburger patty, and egg over easy, and gravy.   Once you broke into the yolk it would ooze down into the sticky rice and at times, mix with the gravy.   Nothing like having that runny yolk get into everything and add another depth of flavor to the food.

I digress.  I opened up and topped that potato with a little colby-jack cheese.  Just a slice from a block that I broke into pieces.  I topped that with the eggs, then added sautéed onions, mushrooms, and kale.  I cut up a fresh pear from our CSA and added that on the side.  I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I fixed this and I’ll admit, it was different.  At first.  Once I really got into it and the first yolk was soaked into the potato I was in heaven.

Ah yes.  Some experiments don’t end so well.  Those that do please the palate as they dance on your tongue.



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