One Night With Shrimp, Okra, Squash, and A Gluten-free Baguette

Oven Steamed Shrimp

I like quick and easy recipes.  Not because I’m lazy, but because I don’t want to be in the kitchen all the time.  A complicated recipe or two a week is fine, but not daily.   I tend to plan my menus on Thursdays for Friday through the following Thursday because my CSA pick up is on Wednesday, then I shop for supplemental items on Friday mornings.  I was a bit stumped last week Thursday.  I got okra, a variety of squash, apples, pears, and potatoes from the CSA and I was trying to figure out what to fix with all of it.

I remembered Amy at Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free did a recent post on Oven Roasted Okra.  Check.  And I had to fit in Shirley’s Oven Steamed Shrimp from gfe – gluten-free easily.  Shirley put a link to it up in Facebook before we went to Chicago.  Her post made my mouth water and I dreamt of little dancing shrimp at night.  Okay, I didn’t really dream of dancing shrimp.  I couldn’t get the shrimp off my mind though.   That was a must fix last weekend.

Roasted squash

I wanted something else to serve with the shrimp and okra.  Squash was in abundance thanks to our CSA.  I have to admit that I’m a bit of a one to two-note when it comes to squash.  I either cut it in half and roast it or I chop it up and make curry with it.  The easiest way to fix it is the former.  I drizzled olive oil and ground coriander over it and rubbed it in.  Then it went into the oven at 400 degrees for about 3o minutes.   I’m going to try to expand my squash making abilities in the coming months as it comes into season.  If you go to Amy’s blog, she recently had a guest post on Quick Asian-Spiced Kabocha by Alisa Fleming.  I can’t wait to try that.  It looks absolutely divine and I adore kabocha, a Japanese variety of winter squash.  If you haven’t tried it, do.  It just might become your new comfort food.

Against The Grain Baguette

I love bread.  I had to add this in even though I fully intended to not serve a grain with this meal  because I was really wanting some crusty bread.   I feel I’ve gotten better about not being wistful when that basket of bread comes to the table when we go out to eat.  Maybe because I don’t even look at it.  If I don’t see it, I can’t be tempted, right?  I do miss going to Italian restaurants and tearing off hunks of crusty bread, then sopping up herbed olive oil with it.  I still had a loaf of a baguette from Against The Grain in my freezer.   I think 1 baguette is supposed to be 3 servings.  I easily ate half of it.  The last time I had a baguette was when I first bought that bag (it comes with 2), which was several months ago.  So, it’s not like I put away half a baguette daily or even weekly.

Olive Oil with Herbs de Provence

My favorite way to dress up the olive oil used for dipping is using Herbs de Provence.  It is a mix of several different herbs and dried lavender so it has a more complex flavor than using just oregano, basil, or pepper.  I use the Morton & Bassett brand.  Sometimes, if I have all the herbs I need, I’ll mix it myself if I’m low.

I realized while uploading pictures that I didn’t get a picture of the okra or a picture of one of our plates.  I was pretty hungry that night to miss taking those  pictures.  Everything smelled so good while it was in the oven that when it came out and I was plating, I just wanted to stand there at the counter and eat.  Yes, I’m not too proud to admit that.  I’ll make all that again and probably be just as hungry and in a rush to eat.  Besides, the fun and excitement of trying out someone else’s recipe(s) is that first bite.

Thank you Amy and Shirley!  Your recipes were bits of Heaven.  Pure and simple (and easy).



  1. I am so happy to learn about Against the Grain…I’m not a bread baker yet. I so wish I could…it’s a dream of mine, really. I can make one loaf that goes in my bread maker but it’s not ever consistent. My lack of bread skills…

    But to be able to share the same loaf of bread with my hubby…wow. I always use one type that is NOT a baguette and have another for him. Or, think of this…parties with bruschetta that I’m proud to serve. 🙂

    Glad you liked the okra. Hugs, Debi.

    • Amy, it was the first gluten-free store bought bread I tried because it was the only one the in the store I shop that didn’t have any added sugar of any kind. It was a bit pricey, but given that you get 2 loaves for the price, it is well worth the cost to indulge now and then. The first loaf I used to make garlic bread. So, this was the first time I just tore of pieces while it was still hot, light, and fluffy! I hope you both like it!

      I’ve come to think of the perfect loaf of homemade gluten-free bread as the holy grail of gluten-free baking. I loved to bake before going gluten-free and finding that right combination has been hard. Don’t give up on it! You’ll get there. We all will. It takes failure to build success and each attempt will help hone your skills. 🙂

      I passed the recipe on to a good friend the same day when she saw on my Facebook page I was making okra. She never made it before and had been given a huge bag of it. She emailed me later and told me how much she loved it and could see it as her new snack. She actually said she loved it better than popcorn! Thank you for sharing the recipe on your blog, Amy! *hugs in return*

  2. Hey Debi–Oh, I’m excited you made my shrimp! We love those so much. 🙂 Lately, I’ve been making them on the grill. It seems even easier (just throw away the foil when you’re done) and they also seem tastier, too. 😉 What a terrific meal with Amy’s okra (still have to try that), squash, the baguette, and dipping oil. While I don’t normally miss bread, I give 2 thumbs up to Against the Grain. A friend makes bruschetta using it all the time and I can NEVER resist. It really is delicious and is not missing anything in texture or taste IMHO. Anyway, lovely meal and thanks so much for the shout out, dear! Have a wonderful and beautiful September weekend!


    • Shirley, You’re welcome! I swear after you posted it on Facebook, I could NOT get it out of my head! Have I mentioned that I love shrimp? lol Using the grill sounds awesome, too! I have to say, it really was a terrific meal! I want to do it again. And it was all so easy! So far Against the Grain and Katz Gluten-Free are my favorite breads to purchase. 😀

      *hugs back*

  3. I’m still on my quest to make the holy grail of perfect GF bread, but I vow to get there! I get one step closer with each loaf. That aside, this looks fantastic! Roasted squash is one of my favorite all-time vegetables. I’m going to try both the squash and the shrimp. I wonder if I can get my kids to try okra…

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